Cool Things to Do to Beat the Heat in Hyderabad

“People don’t notice whether it’s winter or summer when they’re happy.” — Anton Chekhov

The weather has suddenly turned so much more pleasant in Hyderabad, but summer is far from being over! The scorching summer heat is hard on everyone, our bodies, our moods and of course, our electric bills also!

All you Hyderabadis out there — don’t let the heat get you down! Here’s mycity4kids curated list of awesome things to do in the city that will create some awesome memories and help to keep you cool even if it feels like the sun is out to get you!

Visit the various water parks in and around Hyderabad

Water parks are the best option to cool off during the summer and are major attractions for adventure seekers and fun lovers. They are equally popular among kids and adults and are such a relief from the day to day mundane schedules we follow every day. Check out our list of water parks and of course, do plan a visit to the newly opened Wonderla, one of the newest and best destinations for people who enjoy water rides!

Indulge in a yummy, SMASHED Ice Cream!

Smashed Ice Creams have really caught the fancy of adults and kids alike, and half of the fun is the actual process of watching the sundae artists mash toppings of all kinds into your favourite ice cream flavour on a cold slab of stone. Store like Cream Stone, Cold Stone, Oh So Stoned and many others in the city offer these delicious delights at very reasonable prices. So go on, get stoned ! ( literally and figuratively! )

Swim your way through the summer heat

Undoubtedly, one of the best ways to stay cool while maintaining some semblance of fitness during the summer is the exercise of swimming. Toddlers, teens, adults and indeed complete families can splash in delight at these fun toddler pools in Hyderabad and pick up basics of swimming at Hyderabad’s many coaching centres for swimming.

Gorge on the “Titanic” that never sinks at Ohri’s Eatmor

Called the sundae of all ice cream sundaes, it’s certainly the biggest cold food delight this side of the Deccan. Indulge in a “Titanic” at any of the Eatmor joints across the city. Served on a bed of dry ice, this fruity delight is a feast for your eyes, and of course, your taste buds!

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Feel the magic of the ice and cold at Snow World

Snow World is located on the Tank Bund Road and spread over an area of 17,000 square feet, features many wonders made of artificial snow. A cryozone with displays of snowscapes, alpine forests, igloos, simulated penguins and polar bears along with snow sculptures, snow mountains, an ice hotel, etc. are the most eye-catching attractions here. Families can indulge in snow basketball, snow volleyball, and various rides like the snow slide, ice bumper cars and merry go round. Snow in May in Hyderabad- can it get any more surreal!

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Go YO YO! With Yo Yo Frozen Yoghurt

The super awesome healthy alternative to traditional ice cream, frozen yoghurt is quickly gaining popularity amongst kids and adults alike and with Yo Yo Frozen Yoghurt, Hyderabad too has gotten it’s taste of the guilt free, healthy and yummy dessert in various flavours like kiwi, mango, raspberry, strawberry, etc. Head over to Forum Mall in Kukatpally for a scoop of this yumminess!

Go Kayaking as the sun sets at the Yacht Club of Hyderabad

Whether you are a swimmer or a novice in the water, kayaking in the summer is great for fitness and the perfect way to cool down as the sun sets over the gorgeous Hussain Saagar Lake. It complements other fitness activities like running and biking and as a bonus, burns loads of calories as well!

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Hold Your Attitude with Froststicks Ice Cream

Mouthwatering, delicious ice cream on sticks, Froststicks are made with fresh and wholesome ingredients and come in a variety of flavours. Adding to the yumminess factor are the “dips” for the ice cream, and of course the toppings, which include everything from chocolate flakes to bounty bars! These are available at multiple locations across Hyderabad, like Syala Drive In, Inorbit Mall, Horizon Drive In, Forum Mall, Suburb Drive In, The Street, Khao Galli, etc.

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Take time out for a day trip to Mallela Teertham Waterfalls

At a distance of 58 km from Srisailam & 173 km from Hyderabad, Mallela Theertham is a charming waterfall located in the dense Nallamala forest. With a height of about 150 feet, water directly falls from a high cliff on a Shiv Lingas kind of rock formations. Bordered by thick forest, the surroundings of the falls offer unique experience. The water comes from a small stream which flows through the dense jungle and meets the Krishna River. Summer adventure at its best!

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Cool down with a cup of Mini Melts

MiniMelts is a pure, premium ice cream made in a truly unique way- it’s shaped like tiny little balls that absolutely melt in your mouth to give you an instant rush of the goodness of pineapple, banana, strawberry, vanilla and the many delicious flavours that this ice cream is available in. Kids love it, and so do adults! You can find the Mini Melts kiosks in Prasads Mall on Necklace Road and Inorbit Mall as well, on the 4th floor Food Court.

Dance in the Rain at Ramoji Film City

Visiting Ramoji Film City during the summer is a bit tedious, but when you have the option of dancing in the rain at the Fundustan part of the venue thrown in, it just makes it so much more awesome! Kids and adults alike can let their hair down and dance like there’s no tomorrow at the fun Rain Dance Pavilion in Ramoji Film City to the tunes of peppy music by the inhouse DJ!

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Slurp on a yummy Barf Ka Gola at Dimmy Pan Shop

What can be better in hot weather than cool, sweet, colourful dessert! Shaved Ice on a Stick or as we call it “Ice Gola” in Hyderabad, is something that everyone will have wonderful memories of and one of the perfect ways to beat the summer heat. Topped with juices or sharbats of your choice, you can slurp your way to coolness at Dimmy Pan Shop at P.G.Road Secunderabad or Jubilee Hills. There are some other popular places for golas such as Go Gola and Snow Gola counters across city.

Play with Water at Lumbini Park

One of Hyderabad’s most loved parks, the Lumbini Park attracts scores of visitors every summer, in particular families with little kids. Not only do they enjoy the garden, its rides, and the boating facilities, the major attraction is also a water cascade fountain in which kids can actually go in, get wet, splash around and have a blast!

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We hope these fun ways of staying cool during the summer entice you as well and help you beat the summer heat together as a family in the most awesome ways possible!

Happy Summering!

Originally published at on May 19, 2016.

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