How to Sell Your Items Faster

Aug 4, 2018 · 1 min read

Congrats! You posted an item! We’re here to help you make sure it sells as fast as possible. Here are some tips for what works best:

  1. Respond to Messages Quickly: By responding quickly, it will increase your trust and keep your buyer engaged.
  2. Lower the Price: If you aren’t getting a lot of hits, consider dropping the price by 10%-15%. Some people like good deals!
  3. Post a Better Picture: A picture is worth a thousand dollars.. I mean words. But seriously, a good picture goes a long way. The better the picture is, the more likely you are to sell your item. Avoid blurry photos or image from bad angles.
  4. Write a Better Description: Be sure to include all the information people may want to know- sizes, colors, condition, miles, etc. The more information the better.
  5. Choose Great Tags: Tags are how people search for items. If you choose great tags, then your item will pop up more often in search results.
  6. Choose the Right Categories: If you choose the wrong categories, people won’t be able to find your item!

Hopefully these tips are helpful. Happy Trading!


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