Quickly and easily get a snapshot of any #DeFi portfolio.

Apr 30, 2019 · 3 min read

Decentralized Finance (#DeFi) has a major point of friction — nowhere can I get a snapshot overview of my DeFi portfolio.

Every time I want to view my DeFi status, I have to grab my Ledger device from a super secret place, plug it in, link it up with MetaMask, and view my DeFi status on that site. Repeat that process if you use more than one DeFi provider. Not ideal.

We have various block explorers to see any general Ethereum address balances, but why aren’t there products that allow you to see any DeFi portfolio?

Those of you that know my other side project already know I’m really good at naming things:

Introducing! in action!

What does Defiscan do?

Right now, Defiscan is mobile- and desktop-friendly, and shows you general stats from three protocols:

The simple interface lets you easily search a 0x address or ENS name and displays a portfolio view of various protocols that the address has interacted with — no need to go to multiple domains and get out your cold storage to just view your stuff! Yay! 🎉

In addition, all the URLs are bookmarkable. That means you can go search for your portfolio, bookmark it, and reference it in a matter of seconds each time. (For example:

Compound Finance

Compound is an open-source protocol for algorithmic, efficient Money Markets on the Ethereum blockchain.

With Defiscan you can check to see what assets an address has staked to Compound, any interest earned from staking, and which assets were borrowed using that address.


Uniswap is a protocol for automated token exchange on Ethereum.

With Defiscan you can check which assets an address has contributed to a Uniswap pool and the associated ETH value of the pooled assets. It also calculates the asset pool size and the address pool share.

SpankChain SpankBank

The SpankBank is an algorithmic central bank that powers the two-token SpankChain economic system.

  1. SPANK is a staking token which can be deposited with the SpankBank to earn newly minted BOOTY.
  2. BOOTY is low-volatility fee credit good for $1 worth of SpankChain services.

With Defiscan you can check to see how much SPANK the address has staked, in which period the staking was initialized, and when the staking will end. There’s also an overview of each stake period, showing you if the address owner claimed BOOTY or if they voted.

More of the ecosystem’s favorite DeFi protocols will be added as time goes on. I hope you enjoy the convenience of Defiscan!

Scan your #DeFi now with Defiscan:



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