MyCrypto Welcomes Ambo & Team

Welcome Ambo to the MyCrypto Team!

Taylor Monahan
Jan 24, 2019 · 2 min read

I’m proud to announce that MyCrypto has acquired Ambo and the fantastic team behind these products.

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I originally learned about Ambo from our awesome GC, Ryon. Ambo was a small team who was working around the clock on a mobile app that included wallet functionality, DEX integrations, and simple interfaces for some of the most popular #DeFi protocols like Augur and Compound.

Most impressive was the emphasis they placed on an easy, seamless user experience. When first talking with the team, I immediately noticed how aligned our visions were. I found it interesting that even though long-term vision was nearly identical, how we were getting there were slightly different. It was incredibly refreshing. MyCrypto has always simultaneously served both advanced users and new users entering the space and building a product for both ends of the spectrum can be challenging at times.

Seeing how the Ambo team have completely prioritized serving the new user has been amazing; their user research and experience has been different than ours as they targeted new users from the start. A lot of what they talked about and have implemented in their iOS application just made sense and made me wonder why we hadn’t thought of that. The team, their vision, and their products were instantly attractive.

Joining aboard MyCrypto are Jai, Jack, and Richter. They will continue to develop products specifically targeting people who don’t currently own any crypto and add a new dynamic to our existing team. I love their passion and knowledge for crypto and the amazing protocols being launched on Ethereum.

The iOS app will launch first, after a final security audit, followed by Android and a web interface. We are beyond excited to be finally entering the mobile space, but we are also very excited for the how all our products continue to evolve and how we learn from each other, the wider ecosystem, and people who have yet to enter this space.

Cryptocurrencies are notoriously difficult to understand, much less successfully and safely invest in. The Ambo team’s tenacious focus on making the user experience simple and flawless will certainly impact all our products and give a fresh perspective.

We are looking forward to continuing to build and ship products that allow everyone to get into this space quickly, easily, and with confidence. As far as we have come, we still have a long way to go and the Ambo team will help us get there.



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