[Announcement] Addressing the Land Revenues Share issue of Land Extensions(*Apr 23rd Updated)

Hi, everyone. Thank you for playing My Crypto Heroes as always.

We learned that there was an issues with the revenue share of land extensions trade fees, starting from “Land Node ver1.1” extensions onwards.

Let’s explain what happened and our action for this issue in this article.

Background and Issue

As part of the game design of MCH, each Land receives a GUM revenue share with each trade of their respective Land extensions inside the in-game market.


When Land extensions are traded in game market, The Land which provide the Land extensions can get half GUM of trade fee.

However, we learned that the above revenue share feature has not been working since 11:35 am on July 29th 2019(UTC).

How to deal with this problem

Here’s how we deal with this issue:

  1. We collect all trade data from July 29th 2019 to Mar 30th 2020 (the end of Season 14).
  2. We group this data by Season and Land, and calculate the amount of revenue share for each Season and Land.
  3. We will create a list of all players who got GUM from Land revenue share.

*about 3), we sum up all GUM revenue share users received from being a Knight or Maestro in each season.
*how to deal with “Carry Forward”: we will account for “Carry Forward” accordingly and carry forward the set percentage into the next season. Then, we will distribute the “Land Profit Distribution” accordingly.

We have already finished fixing this problem from the start of Season 15.

We’re planning to finish distributing the GUM until end of Season 15.
We need some time to finalize this, so please wait for another announcement.

We are very sorry that this happened and thank the whole community for their understanding and support. We will closer monitor our revenue share mechanics to make sure this won’t happen again in the future.

We finished distributing GUM(*Apr 23rd Updated)

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