[Announcement] Updated December 5th

These three functions are changed(added) from December 5th.

Changes are as followed;
①modification of lab system
②modification of referral program
③Compensation for “team formation problem”

①modification of lab system

・The rate of GUM/Crypto Energy, which is used for both of purchasing Crypto Energy and selling Rep.Extensions at Lab, was displayed “0”. We modified logics so that players can access again.

②modification of referral program

We found out referral program for crowd sale hadn’t worked normally until November 3rd. We already dealt with that problem. We already sent referral reward(GUM) to qualified players at once. Please check “Message” tab.

③Compensation for “team formation problem”

We unequipped all of extensions to deal with the problems that players couldn’t explore Node. As a token of apology, we sent 200 GUM to affected players.

Thank you for your understanding, and hope you guys enjoy playing more.