Official Duel Cup UTC 7:00 am October 4th Start!! (*Oct 1st Updated)

mori | MCH
Sep 30, 2019 · 8 min read

(* Oct 1st updated .)
This time, 3 Duels will be held, “9 on 9 Battle” and “Dragon Egg” “Challenge Cup”.

(* Sep 30th updated .) We have added the information of Dragon Egg.

We will withdraw the announcement about this week’s Duel Cup. I’m sorry for the continuous mismanagement of the operation. We intend to compensate for the purchase of RepS replica heroes since the initial announcement and the refresh of the lineup, which happened by 0 p.m. UTC.(Updated at Sep.30th)

Official Duel Cup

"9 on 9 Battle" and “Dragon Egg” and “Challenge Cup”
from UTC 7:00, 10/4 (Fri).
You can join only one duel cup among these

UTC Oct 4th (Fri) 06: 00

UTC Oct 4th (Fri) 7:00 — Oct 6th (Sun) 6: 00

Available Heroes & Extensions

Hero: Epic / Rare / Uncommon / Common / Novice
Original Extension:Epic / Rare / Uncommon /Common
Replica Heroes:RepA / RepB / RepC (Up to 3Rep Heroes can be set)
Replica Extension: All

Special Rules

9on9 Battle

Hero Stamina

Official-Duel-Cup.ADVANCED [9on9]: 15


Trophy: ”9on9 Battle“(1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4–10th,99th)

Original Extension:”Katana” series
1st:Heshikiri Hasebe (Legendary)
2–5th: Izuminokami Kanesada (Epic)
6th–25th:Brave Katana (Rare)

Winners Point:○

Available Heroes & Extensions

Hero: Uncommon / Common / Novice
Original Extension:Uncommon /Common
Replica Extension: RepA / RepB / RepC / RepD / RepE / RepF

Hero Stamina

Official-Duel-Cup.Biginner: 10


Trophy: ”Dragon Egg“(1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4–10th,111th,777th)

Original Extension:”Axe” series
1st:Brave Axe(Rare)
2–5th:Elite Axe(Uncommon)
6th–25th:Axe (Common)

Winners Point:○

*The Challenge Cup is a regulation for beginners to experience the Duel Cup.

Available Heroes & Extensions

Hero: Novice
Replica Hero: RepC (
Up to one can be set.)
Original Extension:Common
Replica Extension: RepC / RepD / RepE /RepF

Biginner.Challenge: 1


Trophy: None
Original Extension:”Axe” series
1–15th:Axe (Common)

Winners Point:○

About 9on9 Battle

“9on9 Battle” is a duel that only players with more than 9 heroes can participate.
*If you have fewer than nine heroes, you cannot enter.

You can set 0 to a maximum of 18 extensions.
*Cannot be used twice.

You can assign 9 heroes to any position: “FRONT”, “MIDDLE” or “BACK”.

The number of heroes assigned to a position depends on the “formation”.
*If you select the formation “FRONT4” “MIDDLE2” “BACK3”, you can assign 4 heroes to FRONT, 2 to MIDDLE, and 3 to BACK.
*You must specify nine heroes when you enter.
*If you set an unused replica hero, that hero’s countdown begins.

You can select any one of the following 5 types of “formation”.
3–3–3 /5–2–2/4–2–3/3–2–4/4–3–2

Progress of the 9 on 9 battle

At the beginning of a battle, the hero set at the beginning of FRONT, MIDDLE and BACK always appears.

If a hero in battle dies, a random member of the reserve set in that position is selected to replace the deceased hero.
*If there is no substitute member, replacement is not performed.
*Members in different positions do not move.

The battle ends when all members of either side die.

The battle will time out after 600 turns.

The PHY/INT/AGI rises according to the order in which heroes appear in the member change.
*The slower the order of appearance, the higher the rate of increase.

*Hero in the first position change:
At launch, your PHY/INT/AGI will be up 3%

*Hero in the second change:
At launch, your PHY/INT/AGI will be up 6%

*Hero from the third change:
At launch, your PHY/INT/AGI will be up 9%

*Hero in the fourth position change:
At launch, your PHY/INT/AGI will be up 12%

*Hero in the fifth position change:
At launch, your PHY/INT/AGI will be up 15%

*Hero in the sixth position change:
At launch, your PHY/INT/AGI will be up 18%

Supplement of conditions for activating passive skills
Activation condition: When the total HP of the entire team is less than or equal to ○%.
Description: Target the HP hero in the battle.
When a hero who appears in a position change has passive skills with the above activation conditions, if he/she has already met the activation conditions when he/she appears, he/she will immediately activate the passive skills.

Supplementary information on position change
A position change occurs after all the heroes in the battle have their passive skills activated.
Heroes who appear in a position change appear with a charge of 9999.

*This rule also applies to arena 9 on 9 Battle.

Official Duel Cup Entry

(1)How to enter the Official Duel Cup
Navigate to “Battle” → “Duel Cup” to enter the Official Duel Cup.

(2) Organize teams that can participate in each tournament.
You can enter the competition by selecting 3 heroes (9 heroes for 9 on 9 Battles) according to the rules.

(3) Available Heroes and Extensions
You can use only the heroes and extensions specified in the competition. The extensions can be set on the team formation screen after the competition entry. *
You can make an entry 1 hour before the tournament starts.

The Duel Point increases or decreases depending on the win or loss at the challenge, and the ranking is determined based on the Duel Point.

You will not be able to play duel at the end of the tournament, and that will be the final ranking.

You are prohibited from using multiple accounts at the same time to manipulate the ranking. Strict action will be taken if violations are identified (Account suspension, trophy and Winners Point stripping, etc.).

Battles and Attack Count (number of battles) Update Timings

During the Duel Cup period, you can battle as many times as the Attack Count.
Select your opponent in the duel cup top and press the battle button to fight.
When you fight, you consume the stamina specified in each competition.

Every time the duel points update (there’s a countdown timer), the Attack Count will be reset to “0/7”. Unused battle attempts do not get added to the next period.

*Attack Count Update Timings
UTC (Fri) 7: 00 ~ (Sat) 00: 00/Attack Count 7
UTC (Sat) 00: 00 ~ (Sat) 12: 00/Attack Count 7
UTC (Sat) 12: 00 ~ (Sun) 00: 00/Attack Count 7
UTC (Sun) 00: 00 ~ (Sun) 6: 00/Attack Count 7

*You can challenge 7 battles per renewal time and up to 28 battles during the whole Duel Cup.
*The final day (Sunday) battle limit is also 7 times, including the number of battles during the Super Oni Time.

Battling conditions with the same opponent

During the tournament, you will not be able to fight against an opponent against whom you already won before (through attacking).
*If you lose, you can fight again as many times as you want.

The update time of the ranking

At the following times, the ranking list, Duel Point,
The total damage value is updated to the most recent state:
UTC (Sat) 00: 00/12: 00
UTC (Sun) 00: 00/5: 30/5: 35/5: 40 /5: 45 / 5:50 / 5: 55

*The last day at 5: 30–6: 00 is 8: Super Oni Time.
*From the start of Duel Cup until the first ranking update is carried out,
The order and the duel points are displayed as “-”.
*The ranking list is not updated/reflected on the first day of the event.

Method for determining the same priority

The more dull points you earned, the higher your ranking.
If the score of Duel Point is the same as another player, the higher “Total amount of HP damage given” on the attacking side determines the ranking.
*Battles in defense do not count.
As an edge case judgment, if both the duel point and the total damage are exactly the same, it is considered as “the same arrival”, and if both are within the order of the award, they are both eligible for the reward.

Real-time update information

The ranking list itself is not updated until a certain amount of time has passed.
However, own duel history, attack history, etc. are updated in real-time. (except during Super Oni Time)

Super ONI time

We set special rules for the last 30 minutes of the Official Duel Cup.

(1) It will take 10 mins as a cool down to challenge after the match. (So you can only fight at most 3 times in the last 30 mins)

(2) Decrease of Duel Point will be twice than usual when you lose.

(3) Can’t see other players match history.

(4) The ranking display is updated only once every 5 minutes. [NEW!]

- The display of “Rank” and “Duel Point” will be fixed for both you and your opponent during each 5 minutes. “Record” and “History” are only updated as a result of your attack.

- The duel point difference with the opponent is calculated based on the fixed displayed point. (In other words, during the 5 minutes, the battle is always the same point)

- Every 5 minutes, all battle results performed during that time will be totaled and the display will be updated.

Following these wallet, apps are recommended to use for Official Duel Cup

・MCH App

*You can participate the Match with other wallet, but we can’t make it sure that will work without any problems.

Team Edit

The Official Duel Cup needs to have a dedicated team.
By pressing the “Join” button on the duel screen, team edit for the duel becomes possible.

How the Duel Point will change

Duel point you get will be changed only when you challenge to other players, it won’t be changed with defensive battle. And Duel point will be reset for every match. See the table down below.

Winners Point

  • Winners Point will be accumulated following the ranking of the Official Duel Cup.
  • This point will be last at the end of 2019, and the acquired point will be added every time you participate in the match. ( it is expected to be reset at the end of 2019)
  • That point will bring you the right of participation for special Matchor Yearly rewards.
  • The following Winners Points can be obtained for each Duel.
  • The following point table will be used if the Winners Point will be obtained in both of the two games held at Double Dragons.

Watch another player’s battle

Please check the button below(inside of the red circle).

— — —
*The content of the announcement is subject to change.

My Crypto Heroes

website :
discord :
twitter(JP) : @mycryptoheroes
twitter(EN) : @mycryptoheroes_

My Crypto Heroes|マイクリプトヒーローズ(マイクリ)

Crypto Game made in Japan. 日本初の本格ブロックチェーンゲーム

mori | MCH

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My Crypto Heroes|マイクリプトヒーローズ(マイクリ)

Crypto Game made in Japan. 日本初の本格ブロックチェーンゲーム

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