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Replica Hero Lineup

  • The replica hero lineup will be changed every season.
  • “Season 9” will be updated in maintenance on UTC October 13th about 0:00 — 3:00 am[UTC].
  • As of “Season 9”, the Refresh button in the Rep Hero Shop has been removed.
  • RepS Hero and RepA Hero prices will be revised from “Season 9”.



  • Charles the Great
  • Joan of Arc
  • George Washington
  • King Arthur
  • Genghis Khan
  • Zhuge Liang


  • Marie Curie
  • Kaishu Katsu
  • Kojiro Sasaki
  • Thomas Edison
  • Marie Antoinette
  • Masamune Date


ETHEREMON-RED/Mata Hari/ETHEREMON-BLUE/ETHEREMON-GREEN/Michel Nostradamus/D’Artagnan/Gennai Hiraga/Emperor Nero/Hanzo Hattori/Keiji Maeda/Amakusa Shirō/Naoe Kanetsugu/Ivan the Terrible/Goemon Ishikawa/Matsuo Bashō/Xuanzang/Benkei/Huang Zhong/Diao Chan/Saint Valentine/Mary Read/Anne Bonny


Wright Brothers/Spartacus/Jack the Ripper/Franz Schubert /Brothers Grimm/Archimedes/Santa Claus/Erwin Schrödinger/Mori Ranmaru/Franz Kafka/Sun Tzu/Ishida Mitsunari/Xu Chu/Hans Christian Andersen

What is “Replica Hero”

The replica hero has the following features.

  • Purchased with GUM
  • Lv. Is fixed for each rarity
  • Can not acquire CE (Lv does not rise)
  • After being set in the team for the first time, stamina recovers time for a week (same speed as Hero).
  • After the first set on the team, it will expire in one week.
    It will become Level 1, and Stamina is 0,
    Also, you can’t use passive skills.
  • CE converted by dedicating to a cryptid and stored in the cryptid
  • Have randomly chosen skills from Art-edit skills
  • The usable range is as follows
    - Knight battle / Knight battle-G5 / Flag battle (only 1 Replica hero can be used)
    - Challenge cup (Up to one RepC hero can be used.)
    -9 on 9 Battle (Can be used up to 3 Replica hero*The rarity available depends on the regulation.)
    - Quest (There is no limit on the number of use)
  • Replica hero is not “ERC 721 token”. Transfer to Ethereum network is not possible.

Types of Replica Heroes(*The price has been revised.)


CE conversion for cryptid:280CE


CE conversion for cryptid:240CE


CE conversion for cryptid:200CE


CE conversion for cryptid:260CE

*CE conversion amount of the replica hero clryptid dedication obtained before July 30th is as follows.
.RepS:5000CE / .RepA:3500CE / .RepB:2500CE / .RepC:1500CE

Sales method

You can purchase three types of replica heroes picked up by lottery from the lineup.

The pickup will be automatically updated every day at UTC 0:00.

If a replica hero is purchased, 30% of the purchase price will be land revenue.

Pickup rate (*Sep 20th Updated)


The pickup rate is the probability that each rarity is picked up.

Pick up draw will be done in the following order.
1. Rarity selection
2. Hero drawing within the selected rarity

The hero drawing within the rarity is equal probability.

Replica Hero Lineup

  • The replica hero lineup will be changed every season.
  • You can buy 6 replica heroes that were chosen by lottery in the lineup.
  • Lineup changes will be made during the “grouping” period ([DAY1] UTC 0:00–3:00) of the Land Battle “Knight Battle 1”.

※The content of announcement is subject to change.

My Crypto Heroes

website :
discord :
twitter(JP) : @mycryptoheroes
twitter(EN) : @mycryptoheroes_

My Crypto Heroes|マイクリプトヒーローズ(マイクリ)

Crypto Game made in Japan. 日本初の本格ブロックチェーンゲーム

mori | MCH

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My Crypto Heroes|マイクリプトヒーローズ(マイクリ)

Crypto Game made in Japan. 日本初の本格ブロックチェーンゲーム

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