[announcement]Ecosystem Update:CE barrel.

(*Mar 8th update)
Mar 12th(Thu) 5:00–7:00(UTC) We are scheduled for maintenance. Maintenance will be finish as soon as the work is completed.

We will introduce the “ CE barrel”.
This system starts on Mar 12th.

CE barrel: “You can accumulate CE of extensions in CE barrel”

You can accumulate CE of original extension and replica extension in CE barrel.

About original extensions, you can accumulate CE all at once. So, when you bring your CE of original extension in CE barrel, the original extension level will go down to Lv.1.

About replica extensions, the following CE will be accumulated depending on the rarity. When you bring your CE in CE barrel, the replica extension will be burned.

The amount of CE

Rep.S: 280 CE
Rep.A: 240 CE
Rep.B: 200 CE
Rep.C: 160 CE
Rep.D: 120 CE
Rep.E: 80 CE
Rep.F: 20 CE

You cannot accumulate CE from Heroes.

You can’t accumulate CE from original / replica heroes.

CE which is accumulated in CE barrel will be consumed in the battle content and NIE.

You can consume CE in your CE barrel in Colosseum, Duel Cup, and Raid.

This system starts in Colosseum #1 in March and will be implemented in all Colosseum and Raid.
We will announce the amount of CE you need to consume in each content.

And, you also bring your CE in CE barrel to Cryptid as NIE.

About consumed CE

30 % of CE you consumed in Battle content will be dedicated to Cryptid.

*When you dedicate your CE to Cryptid from CE barrel, 100% of CE will be dedicated.

The upper limit is 0.2M CE.

You can accumulate 0.2 million CE in CE barrel maximally. When you exceed the upper limit, it will be accumulated temporarily. But CE which is overflowed is dedicated to cryptid automatically at 0:00 am (UTC).

There is a possibility that we will change the upper limit.

About CE in quest

Overflowed CE when you get by clearing quest will be dedicated Cryptid as usual.

The Inventory update

To fix the loading issue of Inventory, we put the upper limit on inventory from the Land Battle Season 16 which starts on Mar 30th. You can keep 500 replica heroes and 500 replica extensions on your inventory.

So, please arrange your replica heroes/extensions if you have 500 or more replica heroes/extensions until the start of Land Battle Season 16.

When you keep holding your replica heroes/extensions in your inventory or get replica heroes/extensions more than 500, they are dedicated at 0:00 am (UTC) automatically on the next day. The priority which is dedicated to Cryptid is written below;

  1. Expired
  2. Already used
  3. Low-rarity
  4. Newer gotten

*We will announce how we implement the timing later. There is a possibility that this order will be changed.

*You can keep your original assets with no upper limit.

Producer Note:From Mori Producer

Hello everyone, I’m mori, producer of My Crypto Heroes.

Thank you for waiting. We can announce the official release of Colosseum.
As this release, how to join in the battle events will be changed a little.

From now on, you can join in the battle content consuming CE which is accumulated in CE barrel.

CE barrel is one solution that solves the difficulty to manage hero stamina on battle content and hero level when you are joining Raid and Duel cup.

It is different from CE absorb, you can keep holding your asset with Lv.1 when you accumulate CE to CE barrel. So, if you dedicate that as EMA, you will be strengthened. Of course, you can reuse the original extension.
30% of CE you consumed from CE barrel will be dedicated to Cryptid, so you can also contribute to Land with the battle.

We hope that the demand for Uncommon and Common extensions will increase because of this implementation.

As a related update, we’re planning to update a part of EMA.

Thank you.

There is a possibility that we will change the content of the announcement.

My Crypto Heroes

website : https://www.mycryptoheroes.net/
discord : https://discord.gg/C66hByB
twitter(JP) : @mycryptoheroes
twitter(EN) : @mycryptoheroes_



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