[Announcement]Duel Cup WPT Series #Season16 (May 12nd updated)

We host Duel Cup WPT #Season 16 from May 17th.

Official Duel Cup “WPT”

WPT is Duel Cup series with Winners Point as the reward.

The regulation is below.

*for Epic
*for Rare
*for Uncommon
*Challenge Cup

You can’t use Novice heroes in each regulation.

This WPT will be “Qualifying & Tournament” in one day(2 hours).
There is no reset time of attack counts.

As we announced, Trial Duel Cup will be going on at the same time.


Qualifying: May 17th (Sun) 10:00 am 〜 11:00 am (UTC)
Tournament: May 17th (Sun) 11:00 am 〜 12:00 am (UTC)


Qualifying will be carried out with real-time rule, and Tournament will be carried out by the top 32 players of real-time qualifying.

Initial CE consumption

*This duel cup is hosted in 1 day, but there are no changes about enter CE. There are possibilities that we may change this logic next time.

・Minimum:Initial or 60% of Max CE rate.

・How to decrease:decrease about 20% of Max CE rate per one hour.

・How to increase:When someone attacks, 0.5% of the current CE rate increases.

*These numbers are different from each regulation.

【for Legendary】Absolute

Available Heroes and Extensions



【for Epic】Blue Dragon

Available Heroes and Extensions



【for Rare】Baby Dragon

Available Heroes and Extensions



【for Uncommon】Dragon Egg

Available Heroes and Extensions



【for Common】Challenge Cup

Available Heroes and Extensions



Entry for the Duel Cup

  • You can enter Official Duel Cup / Land Duel Cup from the banner in the “Duel Cup” in the “Battle” tab.
  • You need to edit the team which clears the regulation.
    *You can import the team from Duel Template.
  • You can edit the extensions after finishing to entry.
    *You can’t use replica extensions which are expired.
  • In this term, your Duel Point is fluctuated depending on winning or losing. At last, your rank will be determined by your Duel Point.


  • We proclaim to use multiple-account to control your rank. If we find the user to do this, we will deal with the user strictly like account-ban, stripping of Trophy and Winners Point.

Duel Point

  • You start with 300 Duel Points.
  • Duel Point is the score which is fluctuated by the battle result.
  • Duel Point fluctuates when you attack the other players. (When you’re attacked, Duel Point won’t fluctuate.)

You can’t attack who you have already won in the same DAY.

*When you lose, you can try to attack again.


  • The ranking is fluctuating in real-time.

Battle result

  • It will be time-up when the battle reaches 200 rounds.
  • When your battle will be time-up without determining which wins,
    “The player who adds more damages ” will win.
    *If it is the same, the Defense side will win.
  • If both teams are dead in the same round (200 round) because of like “Poison”, Defense side will win.

When you and the other player are the same rank…

  • The player who adds more total-damage in the Duel Cup will be higher rank.
    ※We don’t count the Defense Battle.
  • If the Duel Points and total-damage are the same, who takes less total-damage in the Duel Cup will be higher rank.
    If this is the same, they are dealt as the same rank.
    *So, there is a possibility that we will distribute more amount of rewards than we expected.
    *About rank 111 and 777 trophies, we won’t distribute the same trophies if there are two or more players on the same rank.

Winners Point

  • Please check how many Winners Points you can get in-game information.
  • You can get the right to participate to King Dragon or WP Node when you have Winners Points.

Recommend application

・MCH App

※You can play MCH on the other wallet.
※We recommend the wallet which is cleared the below requirements.
1) Clear Web3 cash by the user.
2) Don’t update in the Duel term.

How to watch the other game

You can watch the battle of the other player from the “Battle Result” in History.

There is a possibility that the content will be changed.

My Crypto Heroes

website : https://www.mycryptoheroes.net/
discord :
twitter(JP) :
twitter(EN) :



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