[Announcement]Land Update #01(May 25th Updated)

Here’s the announcement of the next “Land Update” on May 25th.

May 25th Update:

Let me put off the update of “King can give the right of managing Land to Maestro.” to early Season17.
Also, we abolish the below:

Maestro cannot move lands or do Free Agent (FA) declaration after the update. If Maestro wants to do this, Maestro needs to quit the Maestro role first.

This is because it means UX. Maestro can’t move to the other Land without King’s permission.

We’re sorry for the delay announcement.
We will announce later when we can release these function.

Thank you.

Land Update #01

What we aim for?

Our purpose is to reduce the burdens of Land King and Maestro.
King can give his right to Maestro.

We explain what we will update on May 25th.

1. King can give the right of managing Land to Maestro. (May 25th Update)

Overview: King can give these rights to Maestro.

*Deciding the opponent on “Flag Battle”.
*Changing Land Flag Design.
*Changing G5 order on “Flag Battle”.
We will increase the rights that Kings can give to Maestro.

*King can give all rights to Maestro.
*When Land King gives the right, King can also continue to have the rights.
*We will add more rights which Land King can give to Maestro.

2. Expansion of the Maestro(May 25th Update)

Overview: The number of Maestros will be increased to 6.

3. You can set individual Maestro revenue for each Maestro. (Season 17 update)

Overview: King can set the revenue for each Maestro differently.

Note: We put the new rule.

Maestro cannot move lands or do Free Agent (FA) declaration after the update. If Maestro wants to do this, Maestro needs to quit the Maestro role first.

Maestro will have important duties for Land. So, we have to protect Land from the sudden moving of Maestro.

Putting the Arena Banner on Arena Top as the expansion of King right(Season 17 update)

From early Season17, King can put the Arena Banner on Arena Top.
*MCH team will communicate with Kings.

It’s a Japanese example, but let us show you.

Banner Image


*Banner can include tha URL. So, We give the right to only King thinking about security perspective.
*Please observe our term.
*King can put the banner in one week, 2 banners at the same time.
*Banner size: 1280*400

In the future, Maestro and Eventers will also be able to put the Arena banner. But at this time, we give this right to King due to the security problem.

If you want to put the banner, please get the approval from King, and ask him to contact us about the banner.

Producer Letter From Kengo

Thank you to King/Maestro for waiting for this update.
I’m glad to announce this Land Update #1.

As I’ve written, King can give the rights to Maestro.

In the past, it was possible to transfer the rights of existing functions. But
In light of the recent increase in user-generated events, I newly added “Putting the Arena Banner on Arena Top”.

Ideally, we would like to make this right not only for King but also for general use.
However, assuming the “Guild” function and the other functional extensions in the future, presently this is limited to King as the minimum update.

Playing MCH with the user community makes it easier for beginners.

We will also have a big update in the near future regarding the acquisition of users and the maintenance of tutorial for the beginners through collaboration.

Please wait for the announcement as well!

Thank you for your continued support.

My Crypto Heroes

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discord : https://discord.gg/C66hByB
twitter(JP) : @mycryptoheroes
twitter(EN) : @mycryptoheroes_




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