[Announcement] About the change of TOKU reward system and Replica Heroes. (April 22nd 2020 updated)

April 22nd 2020:Some updates for expected TOKU rewards, producer letter, etc.

As we announced before, we will improve the ecosystem to increase the GUM value.

These changes start from Season 16 onwards.

About TOKU

We will change two points below:

・Remove TOKU Prime rewards
・Decreasing GUM rewards inside TOKU

About the Removal of TOKU Prime rewards:(*Apr 22th Update)

As announced earlier, all TOKU rewards will be “basic rewards” due to legal regulations. More information here:

Considering the legal risk of providing GUM as Prime TOKU rewards, we decided to remove GUM from that but we will set another type of rewards.(Updated April 22nd 2020)

Why we need to decrease the GUM rewards inside TOKU:

Overall, we’re aiming for decreasing GUM supply and increasing GUM value.

As announced in our Road Map, we will increase the land incentives to realize the world where users will lead the game.

To get one step closer to this vision, we will move the GUM rewards to higher ranks.

  • Note: This doesn’t mean that we will decrease all GUM reward from TOKU. We want to create a TOKU system where you can get GUM, depending on the amount of money, time and passion you invest.

*Please read producer letter for the detail(updated 4/22th 2020)

Example: The new TOKU reward structure(*April 22nd Updated)

As an example, here are the TOKU rewards for the next season.

Basic Reward

Prime Reward

*We published this table in advance because we drastically changed the TOKU concept. We won’t publish TOKU rewards in advance for the future season.
*From the next season, we will arrange TOKU table depending on the data of how many users reached each rank in the previous season. This way, it will rebalance itself over time.

*Please read producer letter for the detail(updated April 22nd 2020)

How to get GUM

From Season 16, you can get GUM by these two ways.

・Buy GUM by ETH
・Trade in-game market
・Land revenue share (Updated Apr 22nd)

※We also consider to include GUM which is paid to be a prime to Land revenue share resource and other resources.

Support users to compete in PvP

With the above changes, we will also change the system of Replica Heroes, which is intended to get more players join PvP battles.


Remove the mechanic that recovers stamina of Replica Heroes during their 1 week use.

Why we make the change

With the redesign, we intend to give users more Replica Heroes to encourage them to compete in PvP.

Since there will be more Replica Heroes in circulation, we need to remove the stamina recovery mechanic to not affect original Hero values too much.

Reason: Imagine we give 3x more Replica Heroes to users. If they all still recover in stamina during the one-week use period, users will be able to go on quests 3x more than before. And because users will be able to quest more, the value of original Heroes would very likely fall. This is why we needed to remove the stamina recover mechanic.

This change makes sure that (1) players have more Replica Heroes to experiment in PvP and (2) original Heroes don’t decrease in value.

Here’s what we’ll do to get more players competitive:

・We will give new users 3 Replica heroes.
・We will give 1 Replica hero after you join the Arena, Colosseum and Land Battle for the first time.
・Offer a Prime Trial
*We will officially announce the details later.

In addition to the welcome Replica Heroes, we will also give more Replica Heroes as part of TOKU to give users more chances to enter PvP battles.

Request of a Refund of Replica Heroes.(*Apr 14th Update)

Since we changed the specifications of Replica Heroes, you can apply for a refund if the following conditions are met:

・Replica Heroes which were bought after June 18th 2019 and have never been used.
*If used between Apr 14th 2:30 am ~ 11:00 am, you can apply for a refund.

Why from June 18th 2019:

We implementation the stamina recovery system from that day. Please check the below article:

How to apply:

Please send an email with:

・Title: “Apply for Replica heroes”
・Your user ID
・Replica Hero ID(*1) which you want to refund

Mail Address: info@doublejump.tokyo

Please send us the email until Apr 21th 1:00 pm.

*1: You can see the replica Hero ID below the hero name. (Nine numbers.)

Time of repayment: In the middle of Season16

We apologize for the inconvenience that this change brings to you.

Producer Letter from Kengo

Hi, everyone. I’m Kengo, Producer of My Crypto Heroes.

As I announced in our Road Map, we will carry out the big reform ecosystem, especially about supplying GUM.

We will announce it more in detail, but in general we need to stop the current flow of GUM:

Supply GUM rewards for free → mint a lot of GUM → Decreasing GUM value → Decreasing the ETH payout for Land Owners & Decreasing Incentive to hold Land.

— — — — ※Updated April 22nd 2020— — — —

Let me explain the background of new TOKU rewards. This update was discussed considering the value of GUM and incentive mechanics.

Not to mention, too much supply of GUM via TOKU would decrease the value of GUM even though everyone feels “better” temporarily if they receive more GUM.

We think too much supply of GUM would give less attractiveness to pay ETH to buy GUM, which would cause less incentive to Land in the end.

Therefore, we deiced to set 0.8M GUM as a total amount of possible TOKU rewards, which is equal to 10% burned GUM during Season14.

The reward distribution is structured so that high achievers will receive more.

This update will be carried out to realize the healthy ecosystem with appropriate incentives. Thanks for your understanding and cooperation

From the next update, we also consider setting the cap of GUM rewards via TOKU automatically by referring to the amount of burned GUM (like xx% of burned GUM)

However it’s not that TOKU will last perpetually, we will keep discovering better way.
(ex. Let Land set & provide NIE rewards by themself instead of increasing GUM revenue share to Land)

— — — — ※Updated April 22nd 2020 — — — —

I don’t like to take something away from users that they used to receive (for example GUM rewards for TOKU), but we have to make this difficult decision to realize our vision of a player-owned economy.

About the change of Replica Heroes, it’s most important to keep the Original Heroes' value while getting more players into PvP.

This planning is aimed to get players into the PvP content easier, but I understand that MCH is not only for “Knights”.

As I said in our Roadmap, I think every Knight, Farmer, Artist, and Trader is leading MCH to the really visionary game.

We will continue to add PvE and other content like Quest, Raid, Deep Node, and Official Art Cup.

We hope you will continue to enjoy MCH with us.

Thank you.

*There is a possibility that we will change the content.

My Crypto Heroes

website : https://www.mycryptoheroes.net/
discord : https://discord.gg/C66hByB
twitter(JP) : @mycryptoheroes
twitter(EN) : @mycryptoheroes_



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