[Announcement]Event Deep Node : Stay Home

Event Deep Node : “Stay Home” starts!


May 4th 6:00 am ~ May 18th 6:00 am (UTC)

What is “Event Deep Node: Stay Home”?

“Event Deep Node: Stay Home” is the Event Node that Kengo (Producer) who stays home planned on impulse.

“Deep Node” is the special node where the past data in Node, Duel Cup, Land Battle are saved in MCH.

But the data was destroyed, and heroes are runaway!

You may see the “Dark TENKEI HERO”. Please be careful.

We wish you all the best of luck.

You need to consume CE from CE barrel to try “Event Deep Node: Stay Home”.

This is the infinite dungeon. Please compete with the other players on how deeply floors you can clear.

The Amount Of CE you need to try

You consume CE from CE barrel.
You can’t retry if you don’t have enough CE.
* 30% of CE consumed will be returned to NIE.


You can get GOZO. How many GOZO you can get is depending on how deeply floors you cleared.
We will put the various extension series.

*Now we’re arranging the detail.

  • You may get the original extensions from GOZO. The content is below:
  • Rare-GOZO and GOZO are different on the amount of distribution.
  • After this event ends, we distribute GOZO to players, and you can open the chest.
  • You can't get the reward 151 or more floors, but you can try with 1000 CE. This is for the top player to compete with the other players.


  • You will consume CE to enter.
  • You won’t consume stamina.
  • The term is 2 weeks.
  • You can’t get cryptid effect.
  • You can get EMA effect.
  • You have to edit 2 teams. Like 9on9 battle, after team 1 is lost or 200 rounds past, the next team will battle against the enemy. If your 2nd team is lost, you lose.
Now developing.
  • In this special event node, you will get TENKEI effect on colosseum.
  • The asset used in Deep Node can’t be used by other players. So, we implemented the checker function to prevent it. If you want to buy assets to clear the Deep Node, please check the ID by this. If you find “Unavailable”, you can’t use the hero in this Event Node.
  • HP will be taken over and skill activation, buffs, debuff will be reset.
  • You can stop to challenge, and come back to try.
  • You can’t continue if you don’t have enough CE.
  • When you continue, enemy’s buffs, debuff, abnormal conditions are reset and HP and skill activation will be taken over. And also, you can re-edit your team.
  • You can’t change your team without when you continue.
  • You can check your battle log.
Now developing.

The contents are subject to change.

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twitter(JP) : @mycryptoheroes
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