[announcement] Gas costs and Transaction backlog for Daily Bonus

[Gas costs for Daily Bonus]

Recent developments in the cryptocurrency market have led to high gas costs across Ethereum.
Even with GasPrice set to 10 GWei, the transaction cost for a daily bonus is around 0.0005 ETH.

Depending on your Wallet application, you may see a larger ETH before the transaction is issued.

We have asked each company to investigate.

The actual amount spent can be seen in Etherscan or on the screen after a successful transaction.

We will continue to work to reduce the burden of the Daily Bonus Contract. We hope that you will understand the current situation.

[Transaction backlog on Daily Bonus]

We have heard a lot about the transaction delay in the daily bonus.

Setting a high Gas Price for transaction execution will reduce the risk of delays. However, if past transactions are not successful, all subsequent transactions may be delayed.

In this case, you need to reset or cancel GasPrice for the past transactions that are behind. How to operate depends on each wallet application.

There is a support channel for each application on the official Discord’s PERTNER-SUPPORT. Please check there for detailed operation.

discord : https://discord.gg/C66hByB

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