[announcement] Land Crowd-sale (updated on 2/18)

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In this article, I will explain about details about Crowd sale for Land. Not like Pre-sale, we will sell each Land sectors.

The concept of Land is a like Country in Crypto (MCH’s) world. Owner of Land, and the member of the Land, (called “Citizen” or “Knight”) will support each other and earn a profit. The Land will play a very important role in the ecosystem of MCH.

What Land is?

Land Crowd sale

For Crowd sale, 5 Lands will be available to purchase with GUM. Lands will be split into some units, called Land sectors, and you can purchase each Land sectors.

What Land sector is

Land sector is ERC 721 token(NFT). Owner has ownership for each sector.
・Owner can edit both of each land sector name and “sector flag”
・There are 5 rarities for the Land sector, Legendary/Epic/Rare/Uncommon/Common. And the size(called “Volume”) of land sector will be different depending on the rarity.
Whole Land has up to 1000 volume. Proportion of each rarity will be different from each Land.
There is no functional differences among same rarity sectors. Breakdown of each rarity of Land sector is as followed ;

Details about each rarity of Land sector

Initial price for Crowd-sale will start from twice that of Pre-sale.

  • Legendary
    Initial Price:1,000,000 GUM
    Sales quantity:1
    Volume per sector:100
  • Epic
    Initial Price:200,000 GUM
    Sales quantity:15
    Volume per sector:20
  • Rare
    Initial Price:50,000 GUM
    Sales quantity:40
    Volume per sector:5
  • Uncommon
    Initial Price:20,000 GUM
    Sales quantity:100
    Volume per sector:2
  • Common
    Initial Price:10,000 GUM
    Sales quantity:200
    Volume per sector:1


  • Stock-linked Dutch Auction
    - The price will get down gradually as time passes.
    -Maximum decrease will be 50% of the highest purchased price 
    -Increase ratio will go up as stock get less and less(the price increase up to 150% of purchased price).
    - It will take 1 minute to re-purchase when you success to buy a land sector.

Period(updated on 2/18)

[UTC] 2/19(Tuesday)7:00 am 〜 3/3(Sunday)6:00 am

Lock up period (updated on 2/18)

until 3/4 (grand-opening)


  • Land is a game asset created with ERC 721. It is not a financial product such as a stock token or a security token.
  • Note that we will set the lockup Period until 2/27.
  • Land sectors which has not been sold during the period will be burned. And in that case ownership ratio will be adjusted.


(A) When it was sold out
(B)When only 400 volume was sold

In case (A),
Total volume =1,000, so owner of 1 volume has=1/1000=0.1% of ownership(distribution)

In case (B)
Total volume = 400, so owner of 1 volume has =1/400=0.25% of ownership(distribution)

Crowd sale’s Land


Land extension: Elephant series

With the Elephant series extension, increase your hero’s HP drastically and PHY goes up a bit, so it’s very suitable for a tank. Skill is PHY attack and increasing whole allies’ PHY.

Hannibal’s War elephant (Legendary)
Issued number :20



Land extension :Snake series

Sneak series help heroes who have low HP and AGI. Skill increases PHY and recover HP a bit, but don’t forget that target hero is who has lowest HP.

Quetzalcoatl (Legendary)
Issued Number:20



Land extension:Bull sereis

Bull series increases HP drastically, and also PHY and AGI go up. Though it has disadvantage to decrease own PHY, but it attacks with PHY to entire enemies.

Golden Bull (Legendary)
Issued number :20



Land extension:Dog series

Dog series increase INT and AGI, which will fit on INT type Hero. You can shoot at enemy which has highest INT and decrease the same enemy’s INT value.

Shippei Taro (Legendary)
Issued Number:20



Land extension:Monkey series

With this series INT go up drastically and increase PHY a bit. And this extension has first effect to take a shot to enemy which has lowest HP.

Hihi (Legendary)
Issued number :20


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