[announcement]Pre-sale for Land

Hi all,

We are very excited to announce that we will start Pre-sale for Land from Feb 13th. In this article you will see how it will be like.

MCH team is very excited to announce that they will start Pre-sale for Land from Feb 13th! The Land is a like Country in Crypto (MCH’s) world. Owner of Land, called “lord” and the member of the Land, called “Citizen” or “Knight” will support each other and earn a profit. The Land will play a very important role in the ecosystem of MCH.

For the detail of Land itself and profits, please have a look at following link.

Land Pre-sale

Pre-sale will be a “bulk sale” premised on bulk purchase of the country, mainly for business operators and large-lot investors (imagine like “buy one building” for apartment sales, for example)

  • Price: 500ETH/Land
  • Number of Lands to be sold: 4 countries (in 9)
  • Period: 2/13 Wednesday 7:00~2/18 6:00 UTC( winners will be chosen on 2/19)
  • Sales method: You can apply that from exclusive link in the official website. In My Crypto Heroes game, you can apply from [Market] > [Shop] > [Land]
  • We will do KYC(Know Your Client. Confirm your identification), and once you agree to purchase the land, we will make the agreement with each holder. Then we will distribute the ownership of Land (all of Land sector) after we receive ETH. Note that we will set the lockup Period until 2/26.
  • If the number of recruitment was less than 4, will be Carried over to crowd sale which is expected to start from 2/19

Please read this article to understand what you will earn from Ownership of Land.

Before you apply for it(2/15 added)

・Land is a game asset which is created following ERC 721. Its not a financial product such as stocks or security token.

・You need to do the process for KYC when you apply it.

・Choose first and second choice for Pre-sale.

・If you have any problems, please cancel it by February 18th, 6:00 UTC by sending email to land-sale@doublejump.tokyo

・In case the number of bidding was more than 4, winners will be chosen randomly.

・Once you are chosen as a winner on 2/19, we will send email from land-sale@doublejump.tokyo to you.

Process to buy(2/15 added)

・We will make agreement with each customer once they agree to purchase.

・Send 500 ETH to following address by 2/22 6:00 UTC. Otherwise the right to buy will be passed to other applicants.

(Do not send anything for other purpose)

Note that :Send ETH from the address that you use for playing MyCryptoHeroes

・After we reviewing your payment (500 ETH), we will distribute the right of Land (all of land sectors)

・All of land sectors will have been locked up by 2/26.

・Pre-open for the Land that ownership has been given will start from 2/20.

Sort of Lands

[Land : Ocean]

Dropped Extension:Turtle series

Turtle series will raise HP drastically, and increase PHY and INT. The skill will raise hero’s status and have recover effect so it’s good for protecting your heroes.

Name: Akūpāra
Rarity: Legendary
Number of issued:20


[Land : Strawberry]

Dropped Extension:Rooster sereis

This Rooster series raise AGI drastically and increase PHY a bit. And the skill is PHY attack with raising AGI.

Name: Kinkei
Number of issued:20


[Land : Tangerine]

Dropped Extension:Tiger series

Tiger series will raise PHY drastically and increase AGI a bit. Skill is PHY attack but the amount of damage will be increased according to the value of AGI.

Name: Saber Tiger
Number of issued:20


[Land : Lime]

Dropped Extension : Dragon series

Dragon series will help INT type hero which has low HP. With this extension increase INT and HP, and skill is the entire INT attack and decreases enemy’s status.

Name: Golden Dragon
Rarity: Legendary 
Number of issued:20


Details of each extension will be published at the beginning of sale(2/13)


Period: 2/19–2/26

Expected method: inventory linked Dutch auction


Details will be published on Feb 15th.

My Crypto Heroes

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discord : https://discord.gg/C66hByB
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