[Announcement]Road map of Q2 on 2nd Year (Jan-Mar)

Kengo Masuyama | DJT
Jan 14 · 7 min read

The concept of MCH 2nd year

“The users are in the center of the game”

MCH management will develop and operate the game aiming for realizing the concept. We will link MCH management action and players’ community activity and expand MyCryptoHeroes together.

Review from the previous road map

The tournament raised enthusiasm of the battle to the next stage!!

We aimed for increasing the variation of the enjoyment in the official duel cup and for solving the rush right before reset timing. We released tournament duel in Oct 2019. In future, we gradually let lands to operate the official duel cup and update and develop features to increase various rule and regulation.

We updated many major and minor features on UI/UX !!

Improved Market: Added sorting options like “Just Listed”/”Sold out” status.

Improved Arena: Updated UI, added regulation choice, and added tournament.

Improved MCH Prime: Added TOKU automated dedication and team template Sun Shangxiang present promotion is ongoing by 31st Jan.

Improved Battle: Implemented skip battle on the middle and skip on 9on9 Battle

Improved Official Discord: Organized channel and sorted English and Japanese channel

Improved Inventory: Added CE bar function

Updated TOKU: Renewed TOKU Table

Added announcement image

Others: We updated intensively various features based on the requests.

For Q2, we plan to develop and improve features like simplifying Quest, enforcing the new user flow to the land.

We will update MCH by repeating minor updates from high priority features. We will improve the MCH so that everyone enjoys blockchain application and NFT use case!

As of 11st Jan, 95 thousand players register in MCH world. Continuously, we will aim for gaining 100 thousand UU and 10 thousand DAU(Q1 target) and continue to focus on getting new players.

Land Battle Implemented Knight Battle Final

Knight Battle Final and Knight commander battle increased the opportunities to contribute to Lands for Knight and Knight commander. In addition, we added G5 Trophy for honoring G5.

We had official duel cups ”Dragon Festival” for 4 consecutive weeks. ”Dragon Festival” increased the opportunities to use high rarity assets.
We also had the first sponsored official cup ”Quad Dragon”. NFT.NYC provided NFT tickets of NFT NYC 2020.

We realized the block chain industry’s first collaboration with major IP. The heroes and extensions from the god of Manga Mr.“Osamu Tezuka ” world came to MCH world!!

The most popular 5 characters selected in “GUNMA general election 2019” came to MCH world as original collaboration arts. The first attempt Original collaboration arts was very popular.

We sold about 1,200 ETH on GUMGUM up Campaign!!!
The heroes that did a great job in King Dragon are still on sale(by 21st Jan)
* Next Legendary Hero Sales will be in Apr or May!!
We will also release Brave Frontier collaboration heroes (uncommon) in Epic Festival from 21st Jan.

We conducted New Year giveaway Campaign that player win 2.020 ETH or 2020GUM by lot. We got many attentions: 43 Replies, 1,009 Retweets and 429 Lilkes. We are planning to conduct more exciting campaign!!

We had the supreme duel cup “King Dragon MCH INVITATIONAL#01” to decide the strongest player.
On 11st Jan, we had the final of “King Dragon”
The first winner is Tarumi Kei! Congratulations!

Road map of Q2 (Jan-Mar)

Extension Wars

  • We will have Extension Wars on 18th Jan to fight for skills & art of Land extension ver.1.2. The seven representatives from each land join the war and battle in a round robin.

We are waiting for your idea about next extension skills.
“MCH My land extension Campaign” (By 13th Jan)
#マイクリ俺のランドエクステ #マイクリ」「#MCHmyLandExtension #MCH」

Tezuka production collaboration 3

  • We finished Tezuka production collaboration hero sale/ node:Osamushi with very popularity. On 21st Jan, Raid boss, “ Pluto” will come! All players can have opportunities to get Legendary Extension Phoenix. Please enjoy this collaboration node!

node:Block chain

  • We will release the node in January.
    The node is a special node only for the players who got Winners point in 2019. The participant can enjoy brand-new node experience in advance. Please wait for the node while enhancing heroes and extensions.

Market update
Market becomes more useful!

We are developing the new features. The release target is from Q2 to the beginning of Q3. We will conduct the trial release as soon as possible.

After Q2: Land update

To realize “Game by the players”, MCH management will delegate some rights to Lands.
From Q2, we set the theme “Land major reform”. we will update and expand Land function like the followings. We will proceed this process by discussion with Land Kings.

1: Rethink FA cost (Trial is from 6th Jan)
2: Function of delegating King rights
3: Add rights to Maestro: Edit land message
4: Expand land message space
5: Expand land Maestro slot
6: Duel cup sponsored land extension
7: Tax function
8: Citizen voting function

We plan the first major update after Q2.
Along with land update, the issue number of land extensions is also subject to change.

King Dragon 2

We will invite top 3 winner under the top regulation every month, a few top rankers in Colosseum every season, and about top 40 players on the annual WP ranking. The total invitation is about 124. (The number of invitations is subject to change. )

■Duel Cup
Red Dragon 1st-3rd
HRC Dragon top regulation(It is different on the period)1st-3rd
9on9 Dragon top regulation(It is different on the period)1st-3rd
*We will have duel cup once or twice a month. Annually, we will have about 15 duel cups.

■Colosseum (From Official release, there are rewards)
We are considering the rewards.
*The calculation is based on the season.

On the annual WP ranking, about top 40 players excluding the players who already have the right to join King dragon will get invitations. (The number will be officially announced )

Players can earn Winners Point on the Duel cups and official Colosseum ranking. The table of Winners Point is subject to change.

We are considering when we will have King Dragon 2.
We will have WP node once a 6 month.
Please wait for the official announcement

It’s the first surprise in 2020!?
The famous player ゲーム専務(Game MD) applied to MCH management with huge passion and we decided that ゲーム専務(Game MD) joins our team!!!

From the MCH producer RimoP to everyone

Hello MyCryptoHeroes players! This is RimoP, the MyCryptoHeroes producer.

In future, MCH management will link MCH management action and Player community activity and expand MCH together with players in order to realize the 2nd year concept “Game by players”.

In the long term, we will delegate some rights from MCH management to Lands aiming for the sustainable operation by Lands. The contents will be decided through discussion with land Kings. We are organizing development team to release the necessary functions on the appropriate timing.

We aim to develop the game utilizing MCH uniqueness (= Ecosystem including Farmer, Worrier, Merchant, and Artist.) At the same time, under the intensifying competition in block chain games expected in the future, we will develop the home(game) ,so that players can come back anytime feeling relief. We continue to stabilize the systems, improve functions, develop new features, and adjust game balance.

We hope that you will keep enjoying My Crypto Heroes more and more.

— — — —

※The content of announcement is subject to change.

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Discord:Green Mouse#5868
Invite Code:GYW8

My Crypto Heroes

website : https://www.mycryptoheroes.net/
discord : https://discord.gg/C66hByB
twitter(JP) : @mycryptoheroes
twitter(EN) : @mycryptoheroes

My Crypto Heroes|マイクリプトヒーローズ(マイクリ)

Crypto Game made in Japan. 日本初の本格ブロックチェーンゲーム

Kengo Masuyama | DJT

Written by

My Crypto Heroes|マイクリプトヒーローズ(マイクリ)

Crypto Game made in Japan. 日本初の本格ブロックチェーンゲーム

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