The temporary change in specifications of Daily Bonus(Updated on August 20th)

Because of the increase of gas fee, we temporarily change the specification of Daily Bonus.


You can get Daily Bonus without transaction (gas fee) during the campaign!

Also, we change below:

・The amount of GUM you can get as the Daily Bonus will be 30GUM.
・We stop the GUM lottery (100GUM — 3000GUM)

*We may change the amount of Daily Bonus after seeing the effect to the MCH ecosystem.


August 21st 1:00 am~

We will do the maintenance from August 21st 0:00 am for 1 hour.

*We will consider the period of time for each season, depending on the cost of gas.

We stop to give users ETH you need to claim daily bonus because you don’t need ETH to do it during the campaign. Please see the below medium for details.

We are currently considering a “one-time membership/renewal of MCH Prime for 500GUM” campaign as a remedy for the difficulty in applying for daily bonus due to the gas increasing.
When this campaign is implemented, we plan to give you 30 days to get in at least once, regardless of the timing of your last MCH Prime purchase.

Details will be announced soon.

Thank you for your continued support of Micri.


My Crypto Heroes

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twitter(JP) : @mycryptoheroes
twitter(EN) : @mycryptoheroes_



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