Details of Crowd Sale Heroes ~Epic~

Finally, you can see the details of Heroes here! On this article Epic Heroes are featured. Left side number means initial status, right side number is maximum status (without extensions). For example, the HP set 84→439 means initial HP is 84, and maximum HP is 439.

<Wang Ki>

Passive skill: The generalissimo
At time of first death/ pass 50% of PHY to the head of ally

<Karl Marx>

Passive skill:Das Kapital
At the time of first death/ increase INT of all allies by 20% of INT and Sometimes all enemies get slept

<Soji Okita>

Passive skill:Three Stage Thrust
When the HP becomes <50% for the first time/ damage to the head of enemy by 50% of PHY and repeat the above process three times

<Pyotr Tchaikovsky>

Passive skill:Swan Lake
At the time of first death/ Resurrect with 20% of HP and 130% of AGI

<Marie Antoinette>

Passive skill:Brioche shoot
damage the amount of 20% of INT to all enemies and Sometimes all enemies get poisonded at a probability of 30%

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