Details of Crowd Sale Heroes ~Legendary~

Finally, you can see the details of Heroes here! On this article Legendary Heroes are featured. Left side number means initial status, right side number is maximum status (without extensions). For example, the HP set 108→415 means initial HP is 108, and maximum HP is 415.

<King Arthur>

Passive skill: Excalibur
Damage to the head enemy by 30 % of PHY and recover selfs’ HP by 20% at a probability of 40%

<Joan of Arc>

Passive skill:The Maid of Orleans
Every time receiving damage, increase PHY of all allies by 10% of INT

<Ryoma Sakamoto>

Passive skill: Kaientai
Recover all allies’ HP by 30% and increase 10% of INT at a probability of 40%

<Liu Bei>

Passive skill:Three Visits
 Recover 20% of HP of ally with lowest HP and increase PHY and INT of ally with lowest HP by 20% of INT at a probability of 40%

<Albert Einstein>

Passive skill:Theory of Relativity
Increase PHY and AGI of all allies by 30% of INT at a probability of 40%

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