Details of Crowd Sale Heroes ~Rare~

Finally, you can see the details of Heroes here! On this article Rare Heroes are featured. Left side number means initial status, right side number is maximum status (without extensions). For example, the HP set 57→344 means initial HP is 57, and maximum HP is 344.

<Emperor Nero>

Passive skill: The Tyrant
Randomly decrease PHY of target(including both of allies and enemies) by 10% of INT, or increase INT by 10% of INT

<Michel Nostradamus>

Passive skill: Les Propheties
When the HP becomes <50% for the first time, sometimes an all enemies get confused

<Jiang Ziya>

Passive skill: Six Secret Teachings
When the HP becomes <50% for the first time, increase INT of all allies’s by 30% of INT

<Gennai Hiraga>

Passive skill:The Elekiter
When the HP becomes <60% for the first time, damage the amount of 40% of INT to all enemy


Passive skill: One for all/ All for one
At the commencement of battle, increase PHY and INT of all allies by 10% of INT

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