Full picture of My Crypto Heroes

Here is the full picture of MCH

*Ext= extension

From that above the slide, following functions will be implemented at the official launch;

1.Teaming (Hero, Art-edit, Extension)
2.Quest(node, battle, enemy, reward )

Details are following;

(please be careful that there are some changes for functions which were implemented at Beta battle)

[Details of functions at the official launch]



states(parameters) of a hero are these;

-Passive skill
-Active skill

①Lv& Hero-Energy

①Lv& Crypto-Energy
Hero’s level will be raised as increase of “Crypto-Energy” . Lv-up contributes to growth of Hero’s states. There are two ways to get Hero-Energy;
・Conquer the node
・Trade with GUM at Lab


Stamina will be consumed to challenge to node or Duel battle. When the hero run out of his/her stamina, hero can’t challenge to node and Duel battle temporary. There are two ways to recover stamina;


・Using GUM


There are two basic and one New Art-edit effects.

・Changing Hero’s Art
・Change in active skills

・Current proportion of states and Growth tendency will be changed ; 
the proportion of HP/PHY/INT/AGI will be reapportioned, and that enables to raise the specialized hero.


States of an extension are these;

-Active skill

-Two category : ①Fake ②Original

Replica extensions have these features;
-can be generated unlimitedly 
-can be traded with Crypto-Energy
-have certain degree of states from the start instead level can’t be raised
-can’t be brought to outside of MCH (this is not ERC721)
-can’t be traded between players

-generated limitedly
-can be traded between players
-can be brought to outside of MCH
-states can be grown through level up by accumulation of Hero-Energy
-can’t be traded with Crypto-Energy



“Node” is the place that you send your team and explore with them. Fight with the enemy! After you defeat them, they will drop Crypto-Energy and sometime an extension. However, you need to complete the search to the deepest part to get those extensions and Hero-Energy.


fighting action with Enemies, it is proceeded automatically.


As a hero has states and active skill, each enemy have both In addition, some powerful enemies have passive skill as well. They will drop Crypto-Energy and sometime an extension.


You can get Hero-Energy and extensions after you reach to the deepest part of node. In case you lose on the way, you won’t be able to bring them back. But you can “continue” by using GUM if you want. When you do “continue”, all of heroes will be revival , and every parameter will be reset



You can purchase these following from official store;
・Heroes (with ETH or GUM)
・GUM ( with ETH)
・Ownership of Land ( with ETH)


Players can trade heroes and (only original)extensions with GUM among players here.


There are two things you can do here;
①Transform replica extensions into Crypto-Energy, and sell it (earn GUM)
②Buy Crypoto-Energy with GUM

①Transform replica extensions into Crypto-Energy, and sell it 
 (earn GUM)

Delivering replica extensions to Lab, those will be convert to Hero-Energy. And that will be automatically sold. When the other player buy it, you will earn GUM.

②Buy Hero-Energy with GUM
Simply, you can purchase Crypto-Energy to growth your Heroes and extensions Lv and states rapidly.

[Additional functions (After official release)]

Roughly, above functions (which will be implemented at the official release) are for increasing asset value. Next functions will mainly focus on how use those assets. Overview is following;



PvP battle. many kinds of mode will be set, and this is closely related to “Land”. Mode examples ↓

PvP battle to determine the “Knights” of each Land. Ranking battle#2 will be this mode.

Battle mode between representatives of Land. Kind of war.

<Raid Boss>
Corporate with all players to defeat powerful Boss. Reward will be distributed following the proportion of the amount of damage to the enemy.


Each player belongs to “Land”, and final goal of MCH is conquering world through Land battle. Each Land has “specific-node”, it generates it’s own original items. There are three classes in Land, Lord, Knight, and Citizen.

Owner of Lands. 10 players can be Lord for each Land. They can earn various profits monopolistically.

rank of players who are the strongest among players. They play main role of Land battle and they can earn some of profits from Land.

Common class for players in the Land. They can earn bonus when they challenge to Their Land-node. They can be ranked up to Knight every time.

My Crypto Heroes

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