[Announcement]EMA Update ver2.0(June 22nd Update)

We will release a Huge update for EMA.

There are two big changes, and each has a different date. Please read to the end:

We will do 2 updates:

1. SHUIN — You can get EMA effect from other land.

Release Date: Early Season 17

When you get SHUIN, you can receive EMA effect, even if you are in another Land.

Note: What is SHUIN?

You need to dedicate GUM to Cryptid if you want to receive EMA effect from the other Land.
Then, you got SHUIN from the other Land’s Cryptid, and get EMA effect from that Land.

*50% of Paid GUM will be dedicated to the Land.

Here’s how you can receive EMA effect with SHUIN.

Assume that you have 1,000 EMA points in Land A, and you’re belonging to Land B.
If you paid 1,500GUM to Land A, you are Phase 2.
Then, you can get 23% (20% + Bonus 3%) of EMA points from Land A although you are belonging to Land B.

Additionally, if you have Land-Sector of Land A, you will get doubles of EMA effect.

*However Bonus point won’t be double.
In the above case:
you can get 43% (20%*2 + Bonus 3%) of EMA points.

When you get some SHUIN in some Lands, Bonus will be added on each Land.
Example: If you get SHUIN from Land A and Land C, Bonus will be added to EMA Points from both Land A and Land C.

*The calculation is the same if you receive EMA points from two or more Lands.
*”%” in the table will be multiplied by the EMA Points.

How to Buy

You can purchase a SHUIN for each land from Market -> Shop.
You can also view the total EMA effect on your land’s cryptid screen.

2. Types of EMA will be increased.

Release Date: In Season 17

Now there are 3 types of EMA effects, “PHY Damage”, ”INT Damage”, ”Recovery”.

Newly, we will add these effects:

・Stamina Recovery
・Increased Damage-Cut Rate
・Basic Charge(AGI charge)

Stamina Recovery

You can store 200 stamina per day if you reach Maximum EMA %.

This stamina will be charged to your account at 0 am (UTC), and you can refill this stamina to your heroes anytime.

How to refill:
After choosing Lv, if your heroes’ stamina isn’t enough, you can charge the amount of you need.

*The maximum Stamina you can stock is 10,000. When your stamina stock reaches 10,000, you can’t stock more. (which means you need to use it)

Increased Damage-Cut Rate

Damage-Cut Rate is 40% at maximum, but you can get 10% more if you reach Maximum EMA %.

Basic Charge(AGI)

Do you know how your hero acts?
In this game, CHARGE(=AGI+100) is increased in each round, and once your heroes’ charge reaches 1000, your hero attacks.

Basic Charge is related to the above.
The calculation is below.


Maximally, you can get 30% EMA Bonus.

These 3 effects are included 1st update.
So, if you are belonging to the other Land, you can get EMA effects by investing GUM.

How to EMA

You can see “dedicate to Cryptid as EMA” in the extension screen from Market -> Inventory -> Extension screen.

You need to choose EMA Type1 or Type2.

*There is a possibility that the content will be changed.

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