[event] Happy Holidays “Blockchain Cuties” Collaboration event held

Hi, MCH minners and Cutieneers!

We will introduce Happy Holidays “Blockchain Cuties” collaboration event which will be held from December 23rd.

The drop rate of the treasure box also increases during the period!

Event duration

UTC 12/23 7:00–12/28 6:00


Cuties and others attack on MCH!
 What? No, apparently Cuties seems to have gotten into the node. 
Let ‘s rescue Cuties from the gold box!

Event participation method

Cuties is getting into the gold box as an original extension, which may be earned by clearing the target node “Athanasofu” “Antikitira” “Hollerith” “Turing”. Capture the node and rescue the Cuties!


Cutie Cat

Rarity: Uncommon 
Total issues: 800 
Total number of issued nodes: 200 
Each node initial MYZO: 80

Cutie Kyubi

Rareness: Rare 
Total issues: 240 
Total number of issued nodes: 60 
Each node initial MYZO: 24

Cutie Alien

Rarity: Epic
Total issues: 100
Total number of issued nodes: 25
Initial MYZO of each node: 10

What is “Blockchain Cuties”?

Blockchain Cuties is the first multiblockchain collectible game where you can collect the cutest pets, breed them, give them awesome gear, and send them on adventures! Various genes, colors and background combinations makes each cutie one of a kind. Also, game artists can create for you a unique Cutie made from your own drawing.

Blockchain Cuties

Enjoy this time special campaign with Blockchain cuties