[event]Weekly Cup “Red Dragon” #2 (Feb. 3rd updated)

(7:00 Feb. 3rd)

The ranking has been confirmed. The display on the “duel” screen is the final result of Weekly Cup.

Distribution of prizes (Extension), trophies, Winners Point has already been completed.

Hi everyone,

In this article, you can see the detail about the next weekly cup, Red Dragon.


Jan.31st 7:00 – Feb.3rd 6:00 UTC

Usable Heroes and extensions

  • Legendary/Epic Heroes
  • Legendary/Epic original extensions
  • All kinds of replica extensions

Rewards for top rankers:

  • Trophy, “Red Dragon”(1,2,3,4–10,111,777 places)
  • 1st–3rd place : MCH Armor
    4th–10th : Fluted Armor
    11th-30th : Brave Armor

Rewards for participants:

  • Winners Point
    Which you can get through weekly cup, the amount of that will be changed depending on your ranking.

The amount of required stamina and

  • The amount of consumption of duel for Red Dragon will be determined by your ranking.
    └less than 101 place:5 
    └51〜100 th:10
    └31〜50 th:15
    └21〜30 th:20
    └11〜20 th:25
    └1st〜10 th:30

Also, Crypto Energy that you will get through Match will be changed depending on your ranking. 
└less than 101st:80CE 

And twice amount of CE will be given to your extensions.

Common rule for Weekly Cup

  • ①Organize team for each Cup following the terms
    Each weekly event has regulation about rarity. You need to organize the team including extensions according to that rule. Special team area will be set for the event
  • ②Can try 10 times per day
    Every result including timeout will be counted as one time.
  • ③The number of duel will be reset at 0:00(UTC) during the match.
  • ④Duel point will be changed according to the result of your challenge, and that will determine the ranking.
  • ⑤You won’t be able to try it after the match is closed.

ONI time

we will set special rules for the last 30 minutes of the Match. 
 1. It will take 10 mins as a cooldown to challenge after the match(So you can only fight at most 3 times in the last 30 mins)

2.Decrease of Duel Point will be twice than usual when you lose.

3. Can’t see other players match

Recommended wallet for the Match

Following these wallet apps are recommended to use for Weekly Cup

・MCH App

※You can participate the Match with other wallet, but we can’t make it sure that will work without any problems.

How the Duel Point will change

Duel point you get will be changed only when you challenge to other players, it won’t be changed with defensive battle. And Duel point will be reset for every match. See the table down below

Winners Point

Winners Point will be accumulated following the ranking of Weekly Cup. This point will be last in the end of 2019, and acquired point will be added every time you participant to the match.( it is expected to be reset in the end of 2019) That point will bring you the right of participation for special Match or Yearly rewards.

Winner point will be different as followed;

Watch another player’s battle

Please check the button below(inside of the red circle).