The change of the ecosystem around Land!

From Nov 9th, the ecosystem around Land will change.

TOKU abolishment

As I told you in the roadmap, TOKU will be replaced to NIE reward.
You can use your TOKU tickets as usual. Please see the “Exchange” from the three lines on the above-right.

Land Reward will increase!

And the ratio of Land Revenue will increase by the update.

Basically, 50% of fee will insert to Land Revenue, and the rest will be burned. Then, burned GUM relates to the amount of Cryptonium.

Please see the table about how to insert to Land Revenue.

The system of NIE Reward

As below, NIE factor will be added to Land Profit Distribution.

Each Land can set the NIE percentage.

This will be set by King.

During the season change maintenance after the season end, you can get NIE Reward by GUM newly. This maintenance is always from 0:00 am to 3:00 am(UTC).

King also needs to set the minimum amount for NIE reward. For example, if King sets 10,000 CE as the minimum amount, NIE Reward will be distributed to the users who dedicate 10,000CE or more.

How many amounts of NIE reward is decided by your NIE percentage of total.

Expansion of Knight Point

In Knight Battle, only a few users can get the Knight Point before. But we will change the logic and a lot of users can get that from Nov 9th.

Then, Knight Reward will be distributed to a lot of users, so you have the chance to get GUM by joining in Knight Battle.

But to reflect Land color, King can set the minimum point to get that.

If King sets 20 as the minimum point, you need to get 20 or more Knight Point to get Knight Reward.

The amount of your Knight Reward is decided by your Knight Point percentage to the total Knight Point.

Here’s the amount of Knight point you can get on each rank.

Also, Knight Points on the Flag Battle will be changed: Before: You can get 2 Knight Points each time when you win. After: You can get 20 Knight Points each time when you win.


FA price will be changed to [Your Knight Point * 50GUM].

The timing you can get Maestro Reward

Maestro Reward will be distributed during the season change maintenance after the season end.

Land Revenue Report

In the future, we will add the report function to show the GUM distribution result to all users.

You can decide where you want to move by seeing the report.

There is a possibility that the content will be changed.

Thank you.

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