The 2nd Anniversary Legendary Sale & GUM UP Campaign!

We’re approaching the 2nd anniversary of My Crypto Heroes!

To celebrate we’ll be having a Hero Sale on Nov 3rd and Nov 17th! See the available units below.

Legendary heroes x2
Epic x 1
Rare x 1
Uncommon x1

After the end of hero sale, two Legendary Heroes are left, and 20 heroes are left totally.

GUM UP Campaign!!

Date: Oct 22nd 3:00 am —Dec 1st 2:30 am

To implementation, we will do the maintenance

Oct 22nd 3:00 am —6:00 am.
Nov 23rd 2:30 am — 3:30 am.

Also, we will implement some functions in Oct 22nd. We will announce the detail later.

During the campaign, purchase GUM and get an additional 20%.

Ex) When you buy 10000GUM by 1ETH, you can get 12000GUM.

Hero Trial

Date: October 20th ~ End of Sale

※Units for the 2nd Sale are scheduled to be added around November 5th.

What is a Hero Trial?
With the “Trial Hero” feature ON within the Arena, you’re able to set and use a Hero on Sale that is not in your possession!
Although it will have the same appearance of a Replica hero, it will be at Max Level with the strength of an Original for you to play and confirm.
This gives you the chance to understand skills and parameters of a hero before it goes on sale.
Also, there is a possibility that we will change the skill and parameter of the trial hero before the sale. We will fix this until Oct 30th.

When you want to use Trial Heroes in Arena, please join in Arena with your hero. Then, you can choose Trial Heroes on the team-edit screen.

The upcoming Hero Trial will not be for just new heroes, but all Legendaries can be tried out! Epic and below Heroes can be tested as well!

Hero Sale Line Up

Sale 1:11/3 3:30 AM UTC 〜 11/17 2:30 AM UTC


Nasu no Yoichi

Galileo Galilei

Initial Purchase Price: 60,533 GUM


Xiahou Dun

Initial Purchase Price:4,171 GUM


Tokugawa Ieyasu

Initial Purchase Price: 1,302 GUM


Benjamin Franklin

Initial Purchase Price: 1,390 GUM

※Hero abilities can be confirmed in the Trial Arena once released, as well as within standard game menus.

※In future sales it is planned for a Hero’s initial sale price, sale period, and other stats to viewable from the shop.

Sale 2:11/17 3:30AM UTC 〜 12/01 2:30 UTC

*Each starting price is set at 70% of the final purchase price of the same rarity hero in the first sale.
*Legendary with two heroes of the same rarity will be calculated from the average of the final purchase price of the two heroes.

※Hero abilities can be confirmed in the Trial Arena once released, as well as within standard game menus.


Edward the Black Prince


Sima Yi Zhongda


Saitō Hajime


Vasco da Gama

Letter from the Producer

Hello Everyone,

While we’re celebrating the 2nd year of MyCryptoHeroes through a huge Hero’s Sale, we’re also launching more info regarding our new ecosystem and other policies.

Stay tuned for more info about MCH Coin as well on the 22nd!

We want to be sure we offer as much information as possible for both new and existing users! This includes information and trials about the units so you can make informed purchases.

・Trying out any Hero at any rarity
・Trying out all Legendary Units
・Trying out Hero Art Skills
・Displaying information regarding Units within the game.

Try any character and get the one that best fits you! We want you to be able to build your ideal deck without having to assume a Legendary matches your play style without getting a true feel for it.

・Through trials there will be more demand for Heroes towards using them for battles.

・The generated demand for new Heroes will liven the ecosystem.

Stay tuned for more updates and thank you for playing My Crypto Heroes!

※This content is subject to change.

My Crypto Heroes

website :
discord :
twitter(JP) : @mycryptoheroes
twitter(EN) : @mycryptoheroes_



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