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2 min readSep 21, 2021


We would like to announce the staking reward of up to 5 million MCHC (MCH Coin), which we have been telling you about since the announcement of MCHC.

Staking rewards will be granted to users who provide liquidity to MCHC.

This time, we will announce Round 4.

*The multiple opportunities to receive rewards will be referred to as Rounds.

After that, Rounds will be held irregularly until the 5 million MCHC is finished to be granted. (The Round will end if the total reward reaches 5 million MCHC in the middle of the Round.)

*Uniswap v3 will not be included in this staking reward due to technical and specification issues. Eventually, we aim to include v3 in the scope of this reward. We will make an announcement as soon as we are able to do so.

*In addition, there are currently no plans to offer rewards for providing liquidity in the Polygon chain.

Please refer to the following article for the initial announcement on staking rewards.

What is past-referenced incentive compensation?

The next Round will cover October 2021 — December 2021.

A fixed percentage based on the total amount of CIs (crypto ingots: off-chain value tied to the right to issue MCHC) issued in each month will be given to liquidity providers as a staking reward for each month.

20% of the total monthly issuance in Cryptid Wars.

In the following month, the share ratio of MCHC-ETH pool liquidity provision on Uniswap as of 0:00 am(UTC) every day from the liquidity provision data of the current month will be aggregated for each wallet address.

The daily total will be used as the share rate for the month, and the staking reward for each month will be distributed.

The distribution of grants is scheduled to be around the middle of the next month.

*Because of the impact on trading timing, the details of the granting date and time will be announced after the granting without prior notice.

[Added on 2021.10.19] September reward has been granted.

[Added on 2021.11.18] October reward has been granted.

[Added on 2021.12.17] November reward has been granted.

※There is a possibility that the content will be changed.

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