[Announcement] Lending MCH Coin to Japan Crypto Asset Market, inc.

Let me announce that we will lend 50,000 MCH Coin to Japan Crypto Asset Market inc.

We will lend it from the “Marketing” pool, so that has absolutely nothing to do with the user community like the mint speed and mint amount.

Also, they can’t use these MCH Coins for governance. So, that has also absolutely nothing to do with governance.

■ Japan Crypto Asset Market.inc
Japan Crypto Asset Market, Inc. was founded in November 2019 and started its business with the mission of “solving all chicken and egg problems”.
The company obtained an antique dealer’s license in February 2020 and an antique marketplace owner’s license in March of the same year to buy and sell branded goods and other antiques, and with the issuance of ICHIBA, the company aims to revitalize blockchain-based payment methods and trade of goods in Japan.

Company name: Japan Crypto Asset Market Co.
Representative: Noritaka Okabe, President
Location: 4–8–12 Shiba-Koen, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Establishment: November 2019
Business: Management of secondhand dealer and secondhand market based on the Secondhand Articles Dealer Act
URL: https://jcam.co.jp/

※The content is subject to be changed.

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