[Announcement] Land Battle Results Correction | Number of people in the knight class

There were the following problems in the land battle.


In “Land: Tangerine”, at the end of “Knight War 4”, there were 25 players (3 groups) in the knight class. Originally 24 people (2 groups) are correct.
(It does not occur in LAND other than Tangerine)


In the “Land: Tangerine” night game, we will do the following:

We will demote 6 people (2 people in each group) from 3 groups (25 people in total) of the knight class.
We will promote a total of 5 people from the Knight Commander class and correct the knight class to 24 people (2 groups).

(*Essentially, 6 out of 24 people in the knight class are demoted, but for adjustment, 6 out of 25 were demoted only this time.)


In the following bug fix, we dealt with different from the original promotion / demotion logic, but its verification was insufficient.


  • We create validation logic to identify the number of people promoted / demoted to prevent recurrence.
  • We also revalidated the original promotion / demotion logic itself. We have confirmed that there is no problem.

We apologize for the inconvenience caused by our frequent problems. We will make sure to check again to avoid these problems.

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