[announcement]Weekly Cup “Baby Dragon” problem and correspondence

The problem

We found out the bug for the ONI time of Weekly Cup, ”Baby Dragon”. The function of “10 mins cooldown time”was suposed to be effective from last 30 mins, but it was started right before last 30 mins. We deeply apologize for that.

Considering the fairness among players, we will take care as followed.

・The final rank will be the ranked shown at“duel”

・We will change top rewards as followed,

1–3 place:The Three Musketeers’ Musket (nothing has been changed)
4–20 place:Brave Musket (which was supposed be for 4–10)
21–50 place:Elite Musket (which was supposed be for 11–30)
51–100 place:Novice Musket (which was supposed be for 31–100)


We will give the GUM, which is equivalent amount of consumption of stamina among the Match to the affected users( who meet all of these three points ①Do battle among 5:20~5:30 UST ②Haven’t reached to 10 times restriction③Couldn’t do the third battle(from ONI time) in last 10 mins.

Objected User ID


We will distribute trophies, rewards, winner points, and compensation within one day.

We deeply apologize causing the problem due to the dev side. We will take care not to happen again by improving checking system. Thank you for your cooperation.

Best Regards,

Architect :Hironobu Ueno

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