MyCryptoHeroes 101 — Action Points, Active Skills, and Passive Skills

The basics of turn based Active Skills

Action Points (AP) decide when a hero attacks with an Active Skill. They are affected by the hero’s AGI (Agility): Every turn, the Action Points grow by 100 plus the AGI of the respective hero.

Action Points gain per round = 100 + AGI

Once a hero’s Action Points reach 1000, the hero triggers a Skill from the Active Skill pool. Active Skills will be executed in the set order. You can change the order of skills through drag-and-drop.

Active and Passive Skills of Sun Shangxiang | MCH

After a hero’s Active Skill has been used, the hero’s Action Points will be reset to 0 and continues to accumulate Action Points by AGI until the hero reaches 1000 again.

Here’s a simulation of how Action Points affect the battle system: Let’s take Sun Shangxiang versus Jack the Ripper as an example. It’s important to note that Action Points are accumulated on the hero-level, not on the team level. In other words: Every hero accumulates his/her own AP.

Sun Shangxiang is the attacker and Jack The Ripper as the defender | MCH

Total Action Points (AP) gain per round:

  • Sun Shangxiang: 100 + 78 = 178 AP
  • Jack the Ripper: 100 + 147 = 247 AP

Simulating a few rounds:

  • Round 1: Sun Shangxiang = 178 AP | Jack the Ripper = 247 AP
  • Round 2: Sun Shangxiang = 356 AP | Jack the Ripper = 494 AP
  • Round 3: Sun Shangxiang = 534 AP | Jack the Ripper = 741 AP
  • Round 4: Sun Shangxiang = 712 AP | Jack the Ripper = 988 AP
  • Round 5: Sun Shangxiang = 890 AP | Jack the Ripper = 1,235 AP
  • First Shown Round: Jack the Ripper attacks with Active Skill 1
  • Round 6: Sun Shangxiang = 1,068 AP | Jack the Ripper = 247 AP
  • Second Shown Round: Sun Shangxiang attacks with Active Skill 1
  • Round 7: Sun Shangxiang = 178 AP | Jack the Ripper = 494 AP

… I think you got the idea. In this example, Jack the Ripper will attack more often than Sun Shangxiang, because of his higher AGI.

Here’s another example that was put together by one of our community members, the King of Land Strawberry. You can check out the full article here, the Google Translate version is pretty good actually.

It simulates a team with three heroes and with different AGI values:

  • Hero A = 99 AGI
  • Hero B = 100 AGI
  • Hero C = 150 AGI
Comparison of three heroes and their Active Skill activation frequency | created by MCH Community

As you can see in the example above, there’s a huge difference of the attack frequency of the three heroes. Hero A attacks every 6th turn, Hero B every 5th turn and Hero C every 4th turn. The difference in AGI between Hero A and Hero B of just 1 AGI actually causes a quite significant impact on the outcome of the battle. In fact, if our Jack the Ripper had an AGI of 150 instead of 147, he would have attacked one turn earlier. This brings us to the concept of AGI ranges:

AGI Ranges and Frequency of Active Skills

If you’re now trying to calculate every sweet spot of AGI in your head: Don’t worry, we got your covered! Below is a table of how many round it takes your hero to activate one of the Active Skills.

Amount of rounds needed to active an Active Skills, based on AGI | MCH

This is a basic calculation which assumes a constant AGI value over time. In most cases, however, some heroes own Active or Passive Skills that can change the AGI of your heroes. In the example of Jack the Ripper, his Passive Skill increases his AGI. This brings us to our next important lesson:

AGI (and other stats) accumulate over time

Some heroes have Active Skills to increase their AGI by xx%. This means that every time the Active Skill is used, he hero’s AGI increases exponentially. In other words: The effect stacks and is multiplied.

Clicking on the hero’s image during battle reveals the current values.

Jack the Ripper during battle | MCH

As you can see, the AGI grew during the battle to 269. Therefore, Jack the Rippers’s Action Points per round is currently at 147 (base) + 122= 269 AGI. The increase is caused by Jack’s passive Langer’s Line, which increases his AGI by 5% every time Jack the Ripper activated an Active Skill. And yes, the Turtle Shell extension is probably not the best for him. 😊

Let’s talk about Passive Skills

Passive Skills, as the name suggests, get triggered passively. Every hero owns a passive skills and basically works like “if this, then that”. Let’s explain the strengths of Sun Shangxiang’s Passive Skill:

Sun Shangxiang’s passive | MCH

It’s strategically important to place Sun Shangxiang in the frontline, so that the enemy attacks her and Sun Shangxiang’s passive gets triggered. In other words: Every time Sun Shangxiang receives damage from an Active Skill, Archery Princess gets triggered and damages the opponents frontline hero. (it won’t be triggered when receiving damage through a Passive Skill)

This makes her incredible in a team that is able to heal her or increase her PHY to deal even more dmg. As long as your other heroes can keep up with healing her, you can deal incredible damage with Archery Princess. Combined with another PHY item like Elite Blade, she becomes a very popular choice in most beginner teams.

How Conditions influence Passive and Active Skills

In MyCryptoHeroes, your heroes can be affected by conditions, that are caused through Active or Passive Skills. A few examples are: Confusion, Sleeping, and Poison. Let’s learn more about them:


  • There’s 50% of chance to remove the confusion effect each time it’s the hero’s turn to trigger an Active Skill.
  • If the hero fails to remove the confusion effect during the turn, the Active Skill Give damage of 100% PHY ’s value to random target will be triggered instead.
  • Passive Skill will not be triggered during confusion status.


  • There’s 50% of chance to remove the sleeping effect each time it’s the hero’s turn to trigger an Active Skill.
  • If the hero fails to remove the sleeping effect during the turn, the hero’s Action Points will be reset to 0 with no action.
  • Passive Skill will not be triggered during sleeping status.

Poison status

  • Poison status lasts until the battle ends.
  • Every turn, Hero will lose HP equal to 5% of Hero’s maximum HP.
  • Passive Skill can still be triggered during poison status.

Edge Cases

No tutorial would be complete without covering the super rare but interesting edge cases. Here we go:

What if one hero reaches 1050 AP and another one 1120 AP in the same round? Who attacks first?

The hero with the higher AP attacks first.

What if all heroes reach exactly 1100 AP during the same round?

Now things become interesting. If this happens, this is the order of how the Active Skills get triggered:

Priority Order in MyCryptoHeroes | MCH
  1. Frontline of Attacker
  2. Mid of Attacker
  3. Backline of Attacker
  4. Frontline of Defender
  5. Mid of Defender
  6. Backline of Defender

FYI: The same order applies when a specific event triggers multiple Passive Skills at the same time.

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We hope that this tutorial reveals a little more of the battle mechanic behind MyCryptoHeroes. It may look a little overwhelming at first, but once you understood the basics, the game becomes much more interesting!

If you still have any questions, have requests for future tutorials or would like to discuss strategies with the community, feel free to join our Discord. I’m waiting for you there!