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Oct 22, 2020 · 8 min read

We’d like to release more information regarding the New forthcoming Ecosystem 3.0 as it related to MCH Coin


As you may already know, MCH Coin will incentive users to contribute to the economy stimulating new demand and a new framework overall. With MCH Coin players will be able to “Self-govern” how My Crypto Heroes runs!

How to obtain MCH Coin

There are two new factors associated with MCH Coin: Cryptonium & Crypto Ingot

※Please note “Cryptonium” is entirely different from what was first seen in the Beta of Cryptid Wars!

In the image above we have outlined how to extra MCH Coin first from Cryptonium and then Crypto Ingot.

50,000,000 ERC-20 based MCH Coins will be issued, below is there distribution:

User Community:50%
Management Teams:40%

Marketing: Intended for use on other Game Titles as well as the “MCH+” project.
Management Teams: Development Staff, Advisors, Investors

Cryptonium(Cp):No limit on issue. This will mainly be acquired through the use of GUM and through activities in Cryptid Wars.

Crypto Ingot(CI):Mainly is obtainable via conversion and use derived from Cryptonium. This is an off-chain item. When distributed to the Community a fixed portion will be yielded to marketing and management team pools (as outlined above).

MCH Coin(MCHC):An on-chain ERC-20 Token with a 1:1 ratio to MCH Coin.

Also, of the 25 million 50% planned for the user community, 5 million (20%), will be allocated as staking rewards for users.

Distribution methods in the Crypto Ingot Pool

The remaining 45 Million Crypto Ingot not used in staking will be converted and distributed via Cryptid Wars upon usage of Cryptonium.

When users get the Crypto Ingot, these amounts will be distributed as the Marketing and Management team allocations.

・Management team:100%

When we continue to distribute like this ratio, the total allocation will be achieved.

How to obtain Crypto Ingot

Crypto Ingot is mostly obtainable through Cryptid Wars.

Within fort battles,

・Players can utilize Crypto Ingot to strengthen their lands

・Prize given to Land

Crypto Ingot is distributed in accordance with Cryptonium given victory. For attackers, that’s when you’re able to capture a base. For Defenders, that is when you are able to maintain your strongholds.

Distribution is lumped together, given at the end of season of Cryptid Wars. At the time the entire Crypto Ingot to be distributed.

The total ingot distribution is calculated with a certain conversion rate from the total amount of Cryptonium consumed by the conversion rate

This total amount of distribution is first divided proportionally to each land.

The percentage earned for each land is proportional to the number of forts occupied in the Cryptid War. The more points accumulated by occupation per Term (and not just the final amount captured) the more ingots will be distributed.

Finally, the amount of each land will be distributed according to the percentage of personal consumption in the land

Exchange Rate of Ingot

Distribution Amount (45 Million)/ Remaining Amount」× Base Rate (200)

The difficulty of obtaining them increases as they are issued.

The maximum number of Crypto Ingot issued in Cryptid Wars is 45 million, which excludes the 10% reward allocation for players from the maximum issuance of 50 million. This figure also includes the Crypto Ingots pooled for the aforementioned marketing and development operations at the time of issuance.

Ex If the remaining number of Crypto Ingot is 40 million, the conversion rate is determined from the max number available (50 million) divided by the 40 million; 45,000,000 / 40,000,000 = 1.125

1.125*200 (Base) = 225 Cryptonium Consumed in Cryptid Wars for 1 ingot to be distributed from the entire amount.

Please see the following for a rough example:

A different rate will apply to those who qualify for initial distribution as determined by NFTs in possession on 11/9 (in which these players are expected to receive more).

During November, We anticipate a large allocation of Crypto Ingots as users consume the Cryptonium (Cp) consumed from initial distribution and also Hero Sale.

As the ingot conversion rate increases, more Cp will be distributed in response to Hero Sales, but the rate will begin to slow

When the ingots reach their maximum issuance in the future, the number of Crypto Ingots obtained by Cryptonium will be reduced to zero, but will remain available for acquisition and use in the Cryptid War.

Subsequent incentives to acquire Ingots will be considered.

Ingot giveaway campaigns!

From today to Nov 9th, you can get Crypto Ingot by claiming Daily Bonus.

Please use this campaign to join the MCH Ecosystem!

You can see the details from the medium.

How to obtain MCH Coin

If you own Crypto Ingot you can exchange it for MCH Coins (claim) on the MCH Coin page.

It is planned that this will become possible after the maintenance on 11/9 at 12:00

A Gas fee is required to claim your MCH Coins but you can exchange Crypto Ingot for MCH Coins at a 1:1 rate at any time.

At the time of exchange all of the Crypto Ingot you are holding will be exchanged.

Crypto Ingot cannot be used for anything else outside of this.

MCH Coins can also be obtained as a reward for staking.

We plan to distribute MCH Coins as a daily bonus for users that are holding MCH Coins for a certain period of time (staking).

We will release more information about staking at a later point in time.

Initial distribution to existing users

With the planned Ecosystem 3.0 release on 11/9 at 9:00 AM a Cryptonium amount will be granted which is calculated by what assets a user is holding and their rarity.

The amount will be determined for each user during maintenance on 10/22 and can be seen on the profile page in game.

Trophies aren’t NFTs but will be included in this calculation as an added bonus for existing users. Due to the distribution system we had to decide upon a temporary rarity for each trophy. Please look at the other table to check trophy rarities.

*There are some G5 Trophies we haven’t distributed, but we will add until the Nov 9th, 3:00 am (UTC).
*Please be careful that when we find the user who gives “like” to the art automatically, we may exclude from the counts.

NFTs that are managed off-chain in-game and also on-chain NFTs held in your wallet will both count for determining the amount.

This is a trial calculation and the initial grant amount will be equivalent to 5 ~ 9% of the maximum number issued, including the current assets in possession of all users, asset flow until release time, and the amount increase through hero sales.

In addition, accounts which are valued at 100,000 Cryptonium or more will be granted Crypto Ingots in terms of 1 Crypto Ingot per 100 Cryptonium as an initial distribution bonus. (This amount will be deducted from Cryptonium.)

The rate of Cryptionium to Crypto Ingot will be 100:1 during the initial distribution for a limited time.

This conversion is limited to a maximum of 3,000 Crypto Ingot, with the remainder being granted as Cryptonium.

Use Case of MCH Coin

You can use MCH Coin to vote on the MCH governance mainly.

When you vote on the suggestion, the number of MCH coins held is directly reflected in the number of votes.

Here’s the example.
*We may add the function that MCH Coin holders can suggest to the MCH team.

・About the change of the ratio of Land Revenue.

Now 50% → Suggestion:「45% or the same or 55%」

・About the change of the ecosystem.

Change the amount of Cryptonium you can get by Burn GUM or the ratio to change Cryptonium to Crypto Ingot.

・The priority of the update


Governance incentive

If the suggestion will be approved by the voting and you vote to the approval idea, you can get Cryptonium equal to the amount of your MCH Coin.

Please wait for the announcement of the voting system.

The other:

MCH Coin will be used to collaborate with the other title in MCH+ project. We will find a good way to use MCH Coin as the ERC-20 continually.

How to obtain Cryptonium

How many Cryptonium can you get by Burn GUM?

Burn GUM means the GUM not shared with users and Land.

You can get 10 Cryptonium by 1 Burn GUM.

Ex1)When you buy Hero by 2000GUM on Shop > You can get 20000 Cryptonium.

Ex2)When you buy 1000GUM on Trade -> You can get 500 Cryptonium.

-> In this case, Trade fee is 100GUM (10%) and 50GUM will be distributed to your Land, so Burn GUM is 50GUM. You can get 10 Cryptonium per 1 Burn GUM, so you can get 500 Cryptonium.

Also when the user invited by you gets Cryptonium by Burn GUM, you can also get Cryptonium equal to 10% of Cryptonium the user gets as the referral reward.

In the case1, 2000 Cryptonium will be added to you.

How to get Cp

You can get Cryptonium on the Cryptid Wars, and how many Cryptonium you can get is up to the result of your Land. Please note that Cryptonium will be distributed by the result of each term, not the final result.

Also, you can get Cryptonium by clearing the mission in each term. Although your Land can get the good reward or not, Cryptonium will be distributed in this content.

Then the amount of Cryptonium will be changed by user playing. The detail wiil be announced on the article about Cryptid Wars.

*The other content you can get CryptoNium may be added.

How to Obtain Cp on Arena

Now we’re planning that you can bring your Cp to Arena with the other users, and Winners can get Cp.

We will set the fee because of avoiding to give Cp between users.

The change of the Land Revenue Share

As I said in the Road-Map, we change the Land Revenue Share Rate this time.

Basically, Land can get 50% of the GUM fee that citizens pay, and the rest is burned. And you can get the amount of Cp equal to Burned GUM.

*Land Extension and SHUIN share rate has no changes.

Thank you for your support.

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