[event]Official Duel Cup “Double Dragons”

Official Duel Cup “Double Dragons” will be held from July 11th.
*In the July implementation/event schedule, it was announced that the official duel cup would be held on Friday, July 12th, but the correct date is Thursday, July 11th.

Official Duel Cup “Double Dragons”

  • It is a duel event to hold “Baby Dragon” and “Dragon Egg” at the same time. Only one Duel can participate.


July 11th 7:00– July 14th 6:00 (UTC)

[Baby Dragon]

Available Heroes & Extensions

Hero : Rare / Uncommon / Novice
Original extension : Rare /Uncommon/Common
Replica Extensions : All


“Baby Dragon” (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th–10th, 111th, 777th)

Original extension : “Scroll” series
1st-3rd:The Art of War(Epic)
4th-10th位:Wizdom Scrolls(Rare)
11th-30th:Elite Scrolls(Uncommon)

Winners Point
We will distribute according to the ranking. See the “Winners Point” section below for the points of each ranking.

[Dragon Egg]

Available Heroes & Extensions

Hero : Uncommon / Novice
Original extension : Uncommon/Common
Replica Extensions : RepA / RepB / RepC / RepD / RepE / RepF


“Dragon Egg” (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th–10th, 111th, 777th)

Original extension : “Axe” series
1st — 10th : Brave Axe(Rare)
11th — 30th : Elite Axe(Uncommon)
31st — 60th : Axe(Common)

Winners Point
We will distribute according to the ranking. See the “Winners Point” section below for the points of each ranking.Hero Stamina

Official Duel Cup common rules

(1) Organize team for each Cup following the terms
Each weekly event has regulation about rarity. You need to organize the team including extensions according to that rule. Special team area will be set for the event

(2) Can try 10 times per day
Every result including timeout will be counted as one time.

(3) The number of duel will be reset at 0:00(UTC) during the match.

(4) Duel point will be changed according to the result of your challenge, and that will determine the ranking.

(5) You won’t be able to try it after the match is closed.

(6) We are prohibiting the act of using multiple accounts simultaneously for Official Duel Cup. We will take the following actions for violators.

Hero Stamina

  • The hero stamina consumed in Duel depends on each duel. (June 20th updated)

Baby Dragon : 10
Dragon Egg : 5

CE (Crypto Energy)

  • You cannot get CE in the battle of Official Duel Cup.

Super ONI time

We set special rules for the last 30 minutes of the Official Duel Cup.

(1) It will take 10 mins as a cool down to challenge after the match. (So you can only fight at most 3 times in the last 30 mins)

(2) Decrease of Duel Point will be twice than usual when you lose.

(3) Can’t see other players match.

(4) The ranking display is updated only once every 5 minutes. [NEW!]

- The display of “Rank” and “Duel Point” will be fixed for both you and your opponent during each 5 minutes. “Record” and “History” are only updated as a result of your attack.

- The duel point difference with the opponent is calculated based on the fixed displayed point. (In other words, during the 5 minutes, the battle is always the same point)

- Every 5 minutes, all battle results performed during that time will be totaled and the display will be updated.

Following these wallet apps are recommended to use for Official Duel Cup

・MCH App

*You can participate the Match with other wallet, but we can’t make it sure that will work without any problems.

Team Edit

The Official Duel Cup needs to have a dedicated team.
By pressing the “Join” button on the duel screen, team edit for the duel becomes possible.

How the Duel Point will change

Duel point you get will be changed only when you challenge to other players, it won’t be changed with defensive battle. And Duel point will be reset for every match. See the table down below.

Winners Point

  • Winners Point will be accumulated following the ranking of Official Duel Cup.
  • This point will be last in the end of 2019, and acquired point will be added every time you participant to the match.( it is expected to be reset in the end of 2019)
  • That point will bring you the right of participation for special Match or Yearly rewards.
  • The following Winners Points can be obtained for each Duel.
  • The following point table will be used if the Winners Point will be obtained in both of the two games held at Double Dragons.
Regulation can result in different Winners Points. Only BabyDragon and DragonEgg will be held this time.

Watch another player’s battle

Please check the button below(inside of the red circle).

— — — —

*The content of announcement is subject to change.

My Crypto Heroes

website : https://www.mycryptoheroes.net/
discord : https://discord.gg/C66hByB
twitter(JP) : @mycryptoheroes
twitter(EN) : @mycryptoheroes_

My Crypto Heroes|マイクリプトヒーローズ(マイクリ)

Crypto Game made in Japan. 日本初の本格ブロックチェーンゲーム

mori | MCH

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My Crypto Heroes|マイクリプトヒーローズ(マイクリ)

Crypto Game made in Japan. 日本初の本格ブロックチェーンゲーム

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