[event]High risk quest “Raid: Singularity”

[event]High risk quest “Raid: Singularity”

Notice (Jan.25th)

Result display of “raid: Singularity” will end on UTC Jan.25th 6:00. Extensions in unopened treasure boxes have already been distributed to your inventory.

Notice (Jan.22nd)

In “Raid: Singularity”, “Deep Yoshka” was knocked down. We will carry out maintenance of MCH game for “Raid: Singularity” rewards.

UTC : January 22nd (Tuesday) 9:00–9:30
· Treasure box will be opened
· Distribution of top prizes and trophies


Notice (Jan.21st)

When “Deep Yoshka” is knocked down while “Raid: Singularity” is held, we set judgment time (maximum 12 hours).

You can open the treasure box you got after the judging.

Thanks for your understanding.

Hi all,

You can see details for “raid mode”, Singularity which will start from Jan 21st.

Event overview

Raid boss, deep Joschka has come to MCH world to regain Crytpo Energy from Heroes. With his special equipment, common attack can’t be effective at all. There are two ways to defeat him, one is attacking with CE, and the other is attacking with fusillade


Jan 21st 7:00~Jan 24th 6:00 UST

Details of the event

Deep Yoshka

Deep Joschka has enormous HP, and Left HP will be restored among players. Confusion, poisoned, restore and sleep effect will be ineffectual.

Challenging to Deep Yoshka

You can try to him 5 times in a day. Hero stamina won’t be consumed for the battle but instead Crypto Energy which is accumulated inside of Heroes will be used to inflict damage. You can choose the amount of consumption of Crypto Energy, and the amount of damage will be raised up to 5 times according to the amount of CE you choose.

Note that Hero’s level might be decreased according to the amount of CE you choose.

Relationship between the amount of consumption of CE and damage

  • Normal amount:100CE for each Hero
  • Twice:1,000CE for each Hero
  • Third:3,000CE for each Hero
  • Four times:6,000CE for each Hero
  • Five times:10,000CE for each Hero

Rewards for attacking to Deep Yoshka

As inflicting a certain amount of damage to him, Chests will be dropped and accumulated during the event. More damage, more chests. Chests will be locked during the event, it will be unlocked when players defeat Deep Yoshka or the end of the event. You will get chests if players can’t win to him.

Dropped Extension

Yumi extensions series will be dropped from him. This series will increase PHY and AGI, and inflict damage to the enemy which has highest INT.

What is GOZO?
The Tresure box which drops from “Deep Yoshka” of this time surely includes the original extension of the number of GOZO.

Yoichi’s Yumi

Maximum issue:20
this time will be dropped:2


Maximum issue:100
this time will be dropped:10
(GOZO=6, Trophy Reward=4)

Brave Yumi

Maximum issue:500
this time will be dropped:50

Elite Yumi

Maximum issue:1000
this time will be dropped:100


Maximum issue:4800
this time will be dropped:480

As usual, replica extensions will be dropped from the chests.


Trophies will be given to players who inflict top, 2nd, 3rd amount of damage and last(Final nail in the coffin).

Epic Yumi “Raijodo” will be awarded to Trophy winners.

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