[system] Referral

Referral function is the system that when the friend you invited to MCH purchased GUM on ETH, you will get 20% equivalent to the amount of the payment as a reward.

To use referral function, you need to log in with wallet(Normal Play), Invitation code and Referral URL won’t be displayed in case you log in with Google account (Trial Play)


・Press “Referral” button.

・There are two ways for referral program.

①Using Invitation Code
②Inviting through Referral URL

①Using Invitation Code

・Tell you friend your Invitation Code which consists of 4 letters and numbers when they start MCH.


・Invitation code can be typed only once when they log in for the first time.

・Invitaion code will be taken priority over Referral URL, in other words Referral URL will be valid only when your friend haven’t use invitation code.

・A class Replica extensions✖️4 will be given to your friend as invitation rewards.

②Inviting through Referral URL

・Tell you friend your Referral URL which consists of 7 characters.

Note that

・When your friend click Referral URL sent from you, Referral URL which is used first will be stored by each browser.

・If the friend open MCH website using different Referral URL on the same browser, referrer won’t be renewed.

・Note that this system is based on the browser, so PC doesn’t have any problem while if the friend use smartphone, it could cause problems since there are many kinds of choice for example browser app, wallet app, Twitter browser and so on.

Please read this article carefully before you do.


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