[Road Map]2020 April to June

We are excited to announce the roadmap for April to June 2020.

Let’s clarify the concept of MCH in this year first, that is

The world where users will lead game

MCH devs are aiming to realize this concept, along with the movement with the users, and develop MCH with the users.

Our goal is

Building the ecosystem where user will lead the game by centering on the incentive of Land

By making this ecosystem, we believe we can create the world where users are in the center of game. This is what MCH are aiming for as a “blockchain game”

What is the desired division of role?

Currently the division of role is as above.

Dev team is issuing assets and developing infrastructure, while contents is hosted by dev and user (currently only Arena is from user)

The idealistic division of role is as above.

Users will create contents through Lands, and democratize the assets issuance part which is the most important aspect of game balance. We, dev team will create the environment so that the above vision will be realized.

At the moment contents such as duel cup and Coliseum is under dev team, however we would like to make it possible to operate by players in the near future.

The current issue

What is the current issue to realize the ecosystem above?

First, the low demand and low attractiveness of GUM. We need to solve this problem so that we can give enough incentive to Land member.

Hopefully by April or June 2020, or little bit longer but our primary goal is to create the environment with proper incentive to Land(and land owners)



Official duel cup supported by Land will be hosted! The Land Series duel cup will be hosted by every Land. Rewards will be a Land node (sponsored by the Land), regulation, format will be determined by the Host Land.

We will try to achieve this series will keep hosting and sponsored by not only the Land but also entities of individuals so that it would more attractive.

Apologize to keep you waiting, finally JIN is planned to be released this April. JIN is scheduled to be released as NFT in the future, and it would take very important role for the battle.

1.Be available as Replica JIN on arena
2. Adjust Replica JIN and increase variety
3.Be available on duel cup and Coliseum

Winners Point Tour, which is a series of duel cup that WP would be a reward!

WP node is scheduled to be opened once a half year. Higher rankers will receive a right to join special event!


Land update Phase 1 will be operated.

We try to improve the situation that the part of users bear the burden. From this update, we would let more users to get involve with the management and provide more incentive to those users!

Special Extensions that can be earned via PvP will be released …?

3 types of new Legendaries are scheduled to be released! Pls look forward that!


We will update the ecosystem to realize that with the appropriate incentive

New flow to get GUM is planned to be as above.

TOKU system itself will be continued. The rewards of ticket will be updated as well!

Along with the new flow to get GUM, EMA is considered to be updated.

The biggest event “Cryptid Wars” is scheduled to be released June as a version 1!

Fight together with Land member, sometimes you might have to sacrifice your self to win, but enjoy the biggest GvG contents in MCH with your friends!

Other updates

It might be after June but following contents are considered to be updated!

※Time line is not fixed yet

Bunch of small updates for better UI/UX will be implemented regularly.

VIP Prime will be started! (Benefits will be adjusted)


This time King Dragon will be hosted for every class!

The battle will be 9vs9 for each class.

Giving the right to participate this cup to high rankers

Conditions to join this cup will be announced later so look forward it!

※The road map is subject to change due to the unexpected situation or new priority

Producer Letter from Kengo

This is the producer letter from Kengo. I took over the producer from April 1st.

From now on MCH will shift to more pure “blockchain game” also increase the Brand Awareness as blockchain game.

Incentive system centering on GUM and ETH

MCH will aim for the game which last forever by creating a proper incentive mechanics. Every contents on this road map is to increase the incentive (such as GUM or ETH) to Land/Asset holders.

When this ecosystem is built, MCH will have a brand as “origin” in blockchain games. In addition, future PvP contents will be more team-oriented, the concept will be “For Your Friends With Your Friends”.

Especially in Cryptid War, it will be a content that aims to win for friend, and with friends. The content itself is such as conquering the fort, defending fort with your land member or even with other land member.

From now on, MCH aims to improve the degree of perfection as a more pure blockchain game. I believe that it is possible for the dev team and users to work together and design the world along the way.

I’m looking forward to creating MCH with you guys,

thank you!

My Crypto Heroes

website : https://www.mycryptoheroes.net/
discord : https://discord.gg/C66hByB
twitter(JP) : @mycryptoheroes
twitter(EN) : @mycryptoheroes_




Blockchain Game made in Japan. 日本初の本格ブロックチェーンゲーム

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