Road map of MCH (updated on Feb. 11th)

(1/25) We changed the schedule.

1/28 (Mon)

Quest : Limited Low Difficulty Node

1/31 (Thu)

Duel : Red Dragon #2

Chinese New Year Campaign ( — 2/28)

  • GUMGUM Campaign (1 in 34 ETH back!)
  • New Novice Hero “Lady Sun” (孫尚香) present. Give it to everyone who played during the period.
  • Novice hero “Yukichi Fukuzawa” will be an invitation code reward (instead replica extension A × 4 kinds of benefits are closed)

2/4 (Mon)

Quest : Node Ver.1.2

(Multiple account countermeasures, etc.) Large-scale system design and balance adjustment are carried out.

2/7 (Thu)

Duel : Weekly Cup “Baby Dragon” #2

2/11 (Mon)

Quest : Raid:Singularity #2

2/13 (Wed)

Land : Pre-Sale Start ( — 2/18)

  • Pre-sale will be a bulk sale premised on bulk purchase of the country, mainly for business operators and large-lot investors (imagine like “buy one building” for apartment sales, for example)
  • Sales at ETH (expected price 500 ETH / country )
  • Number of countries to be sold: Schedule for 4 countries (9 nations in all)
  • Sales method: recruitment at fixed price. In case of a large number of applications lottery. If the number of recruitment was less than 4, will be Carried over to cloud sale

2/14 (Thu)

■Duel:Weekly Cup “Blue Dragon” (No Recovery Battle)

2/19 (Tue)

Land : Crowd Sale Start ( — 2/26)

  • Cloud sales will be sold in units of 100 to 1,000 territories per 1 country, mainly for general players (similar to condominium sales, for example, “image sold for each house”)
  • Sales at GUM (Initial sales price for minimum territory is expected to be around 10,000 GUM)
  • Number of countries to be sold: 5 country schedule (selling domains divided country into multiple)
  • Sales method: Stock-linked Dutch auction method
    - Prices gradually decline over time from the selling price
    - The lowest price is half of the maximum purchase price
    - The lower the number of stocks, the higher the rate of price increase (50% up from the current purchase price)
    - The last undelivered territory will be burned and the rights will allocated to the owner of the country concerned according to the holding ratio

Quest : Land Node — Pre-Open

  • Open the Pre-sale nodes (4 countries)

2/21 (Thu)

Duel :Weekly Cup “Dragon Egg”

2/27 (Wed)

Quest : Land Node — Grand Open

  • Open the Crowd Sale nodes (5 countries)

2/28 (Thu)

Duel : Land Knight Battle

3/4 (Mon)

Quest : Raid:Singularity #3

3/7 (Thu)

Duel : Land Flag Battle

3/14 (Thu)

Duel : Weekly Cup “Blue Dragon 99”

  • The above schedule may be changed depending on the development and operation situation.
  • Details will be announced on official Medium and Twitter.

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