Release/ Event Schedule in June

We announced the release & event schedule of My Crypto Heroes in June.

3rd Mon.
・[Release] node ver1.4

4th Tue.
・[Event] New Hero Sale
・[Release] Artedit Report

7th Fri.
・[Release] Original Extension CE absorb

11th Tue.
・[Event] Limited intermediate Node, “Bandit”(Prime Only)

14th Fri.
・[Announcement] Announcement about Official Duel Cup — Double Dragon- (especially the regulation of Blue Dragon)

18th Tue.
・[Event] New Hero Sale
・[Event] Land Battle Season4 G5 Battle

19日 Wed.
・[Update] 1st node re-arrange day

21st Fri.
・[Event] Land Battle Season4 Flag Battle Day 1

22nd Sat.
・[Event] Land Battle Season4 Flag Battle Day 2

23rd Sun.
・[Event] Land Battle Season4 Flag Battle Day 3

24日 Mon.
・[Event] Land Battle Season4 preparation period(In season 5, it is planned not to have any regulations)

25th Tue.
・[Announcement] Release/ Event Schedule in July

27th Thu.
・[Event] Official Duel Cup - Double Dragons- 
①Blue Dragon(Regulation by Attributes, Prime Only)
②Dragon Egg(No Recovery)

Along with 99 battle, we will introduce “Attributes” to Heroes. The regulation will be announced on 14th June.

My Crypto Heroes will curry out large promotion for both the Japanese market and overseas market in July and August. So, For that purpose, in June, we will devote our resources to preparing for beginners, while planning and implementing new 99 games and new player matches. The 99 games will be released on July 4 as scheduled. We will announce the details of the promotion and 99 matches in June.
Also, due to this, we will postpone the implementation of the arena tournament battle after July. Thank you for your understanding.

  • The above schedule may be changed depending on the development and operation situation.
  • Details will be announced on official Medium and Twitter.

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*The content of announcement is subject to change.

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