Season#18 Schedule

We are excited to announce the schedule on Season #18!

Normal Events

・Land Battle#18
→Carried out as usual.

→Carried out from June 22nd.

・New hero sale
→We will sell one hero from June 23rd.

・Official Duel Cup Land Series#4
→Carried out from June 26th. The host-Land is “Blueberry” this time!

・Official Duel Cup WPT
→Carried out from July 10th.

Special Events and Updates.

Charity Raid event with Binance Charity.
→Carried out from June 17th. This is the collaboration event with “Binance Charity”, a non-profit blockchain charity initiated by the biggest crypto-currency-exchange “Binance”.

Extension Wars
Carried out until Mid-July. All Land will battle to get the good extension skill for the next Land Node.

・Cryptid War
→This is under development. ver 1.0 release will be delayed. Let me explain this in the below producer letter and Road Map which will be published in this month.

・JIN β updating.
→New JIN will be added soon.

— We will focus on the developing Cryptid War and JIN. —

Arena Update
→New arena type “Team(Best of X)” was released!

EMA Update
→We’re sorry for the delay. New EMA is coming soon.

・Colosseum Update
→We improve Battle Lab UI, and we will change the logic of that as well. Please wait for the announcement.

Land Update
→We will improve continually.
Land Update #1 will be released soon!

・New user acquisition and planning for new users.
→We will improve continually. Trial Prime and tutorial improving was released!

・UI/UX improvement
→We will improve continually. We will co-work with MCH+ team and make blockchain game better and better.

Producer Letter from Kengo

Hi, everyone. I’m Kengo

The main theme is
・”Update of the exact content” and
・“New content you want to use GUM”.

We improve EMA, Land, and Colosseum. About UI, you will be able to make sure which event is ongoing, and the future event as well. To make MCH life more comfortable, we will keep improving it.

About new content, now we’re focusing on Cryptid Wars and JIN (Mainly we are focusing on developing Cryptid Wars). The release schedule will be delayed. We’re sorry for the delay. We, as a team, will do an effort to create the best GvG content.

Including further information, I will publish the new Road-map(for during July to September) this month. Please wait for more announcements.

Thank you for your understanding.

※The content is subject to change

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