Season #20 Schedule

The next season of My Crypto Heroes is here!

Classic Events

Land battle #20

・Hero Sale
Hero Sales will recommence starting with Novice heroes on August 18th. More details are to follow.

・Colosseum #7
Colosseum will start on August 19th.

・Official Duel Cup Land Series #6
Next Land Duel Cup starts on August 21st, hosted by Ruby.

・Official Duel Cup WPT on September 4th.

Ongoing Events

Prime Campaign
MCH Prime currently costs 500 GUM and daily bonus is 50GUM. Don’t miss this chance!

Gum Market Campaign & New ‘Jackpot’ Feature
Now three campaigns are going on!
*10% Increase when buying GUM
*Demo Testing of In-game market “Jackpot”
*In-game market Exchange-fee reductions!

Collaboration with CHOJO
Get 100GUM by playing CHOJO, the new game from MCH+.

・Cryptid War
Cryptid War will be released in Season20! Please read the Producer Letter below.

・JIN β update
JIN will be in Season20 with a Trial JIN Duel Cup occurring on August 28th. More information in the Producer Letter below.

*August 25th updated.
We decided to postpone Trial JIN Duel Cup. We will continue to develop and implement it in September. Please wait for it.

・UI/UX improvement.
Continuing to improve. The notification of Land Message, implementation of user icon, and improvement of Flag Battle have been improved upon.

Producer Letter from Kengo

Hi, everyone. I’m Kengo, the current producer of My Crypto Heroes.

In Season20, Cryptid War Battle β will be released!
Cryptid War is the biggest GvG (Group vs Group) content in My Crypto Heroes, conducted through a series of Knight Battles. In Battle β, you can play the Battle function of Cryptid War.

Also, we will release a Trial JIN Duel Cup in this Season. As announced in the road-map, Cryptid War and JIN are the two new big contents for players to enjoy! Let us know what you think

We continue to improve UI/UX. In this Season, there are updates such as Land Kings being able to well Land plans to all citizens. We’ll choose which content should be updated following the road-map

With gas prices continuing to climb, it’s a tough time for blockchain games, however, we will continue to improve and develop MCH for users to enjoy as smoothly as possible.

Thank you.

*Information and dates subject to change

My Crypto Heroes

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twitter(JP) : @mycryptoheroes
twitter(EN) : @mycryptoheroes_



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