[Support]Official Community Event Support Program

Kengo Masuyama | MCH
Oct 16 · 2 min read

We want to help our community to host more user-generated competitions. (Arenas, Art, etc.)

To support creators, we want to sponsor reward items for every event that gets hosted! Depending on the amount of participants, we will provide the host with MCH Medals to distribute to the winners. (or send directly to winner)

If there are 24–63 participants, we will sponsor 2 Elite MCH Medals (uncommon) and 1 Wisdom MCH Medal (Rare)

If an event reaches more than 64 people, we will additionally sponsor 1 Crazy MCH Medal (Epic)!! So let’s get crazy and throw an Epic event!

Google form:https://forms.gle/B6B8YHdfJBMCUjH1A

After Oct. 16th, we will support the community event.
When you become an organizer of events, please send us DM about your content.

※Depending on community events, this content of the program may be changed.
※We hope the user-generated event will become more attractive by attributing these sponsored items.
※We don’t disclose the border.

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