[system]Battle rule for Knight battle

Hi there, I will explain about how the rank will be determined for Knight battle(1/2/3/4/5/G5) in this article.

Every player will be automatically divided into group, each group consists out of up to 12 players. And each player will battle every other players once. All battles will be executed automatically.

Battle result

There is no special battle rule for the Knight Battles. The usual battle mechanics apply:

There are three outcomes in Knight Battles:

  1. Win: You win when you bring the opponent’s HP to 0 in less than 200 actions.
  2. Lose: You will lose when your team’s HP reaches 0 within 200 actions, while the opponents HP is still higher than 0.
  3. Tie: Time Up (both team’s HP are higher than 0 after 200 actions) or both team’s HP reach 0 at the exact same action

Group Point

According to the results of each battle, following point will be added to your total points inside the group you’re matched with:

Win:3 point
Lose:0 point
Tie:1 point

Knight Battle Classes

There are four different classes per land. Every player will start in the Lieutenant class. The four classes are structured as follow:

Breakdown of the four classes in Knight Battle | MCH

Advancing Classes

At the beginning of the Knight Battle, every single player will start in the Lieutenant Class together. The best players will advance one Class higher, according to their ranking. For example: If a land battle has 300 players in it’s very first season and very first Knight Battle, the best 216 players advance to the Commander Class. In Knight Battle 2, the best 72 players of the Commander Class will advance into the Knight Commander Class. Etc.

Once there are 24 players in Knight, 72 players in Knight Commander, and 216 players in Commander, the following rules apply:

  • Only the first ranked player of each Group will advance to the higher Class (except Knight Class)
  • The last three ranked players of each Group will relegate into the lower Class (except Lieutenant Class)

How the rank will be determined

After every battle has been executed, your rank will be decided as follows:

①:Amount of Group Points, relative to other users in your group

②:In case two users have the exact same points, higher “Damage difference” determines the rank. “Damage difference” = The amount of damage you caused — The amount of damage you received.

③:In case of both ① and ② are equal, user who caused more damage amount will rank higher.

④:In case ①,② and ③ are the same, the user who belonged to the Land earlier will be prioritized.

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