[system]Battle rule for Knight battle

Hi there, I will explain about how the rank will be determined for Knight battle(1/2/3/4/5/G5) in this article.

Every player will be divided into some groups automatically, and each group consists of up to 12 players. And each player will battle with every other players(the battle will be executed automatically)

Battle result

There is no special battle rule for the Knight battle, as usual this following rule rules will be applied.

You wil win when you defeat the opponent in 200 actions, and you will lose when your team’s HP decreased to 0 in 200 actions. At the Knight battle, it will be judged as “tie” in following cases,
・Time up(Unfinished in 200 actions)
・Both of teams’ HP reach to 0 in same action.

Achievement Point

According to the result of battles, following Achievement Point will be sent

Win:3 point
Loose:0 point
Tie:1 point

How the rank will be determined

When every battle has been executed, the rank will be decided as following rules,

①:In order of point

②:In case there are players who have same Achievement point, higher “Damage difference” player will be prioritized. 
“Damage difference” = The amount of damage you caused — The amount of damage you receivedする

③:In case both of ① and ② are same, player who cause more damage amount will be prioritized.

④:In case ①,② and ③ are same, the player who belonged to the Land earlier will be prioritized.

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