[System] Duel (trial)

Hi MCH minner! Soon, Duel mode will start! You will fight with other players with your own team at Duel mode. Before the second Ranked battle, Knight battle will start, trial mode will be implemented. At that mode, you can do these things as followed;
・Fight with the other player
・Generate battle result URL / Share battle result to twitter
・Rate will be changed depending on result of battles
・Ranked following that rate
・Record of battles can be checked

[Duel’s rules]

<How to join Duel>

Transit from “Duel” of the header to the opponent list screen.

On the opponent list screen, you can select an opponent with the following items.

  • Rival (player closer to your rating)
  • Random (matching randomly from players)
  • TOP 20 (matching top 20 ratings)

By tapping on the opponent’s team, you will be taken to the opponent details screen.

Tap the “Duel” button and start dueling by consuming 5 stamens per hero. The progress of the battle progresses automatically in the same way as quest.

  • In one battle Hero of all the heroes of opponent team made 0 → win
  • HP of all the heroes of my team has become 0 → defeat
  • 200 turns passed without winning or losing → Timeout (challenger’s side defeated)

I will decide whether to win or lose either.

Teams at the time of challenge are selectable, but Team 1 is automatically selected for defense teams challenged by other players.

<Winning compensation>(challenge only)

  • Rate increase (Rate increase at the time of victory following the rating below)
  • 65CE (All equal hero & original extensions in the team are equally granted, only at victory, you can not win at defeat)

<Disadvantage at the time of defeat>(challenge only)

  • Rate lowering (rate lowering at the time of defeat according to the rating below)
  • 0CE (Only at victory, you can not win at defeat)


The rating is the score record that varies according to the result of winning or losing. 
The rate fluctuates only at the time of challenge, and does not change at defense time (when challenged).

I will show examples of rate fluctuations due to victory or defeat.

The range of rate variation is

  • Victory
     Minimum: 0 
     Maximum: 61
  • Time of defeat
     Minimum: -31
     Maximum: 0 And we are.
  • The trial rate will be reset at the start of the ranking game.

[Generate competition result URL / Share match results on twitter]

You can generate a match result URL.

By flying to this URL you can share the current battle with other players. You can post directly to Twitter.

* The trial rate will be reset at the start of the ranking game.

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