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Feb 8, 2019 · 5 min read

(Mar.12th updated)
・ About the replica hero, we summarized the description in another article “Replica Hero”.

(Mar.6th updated)
· Additional notes on ‘Distribution timing of land revenue’
· Move the description of “Land Battle” “Cryptoid” to the linked article
· Additional notes on ‘Carry Forward’ in Land Revenue Sharing

MCH team is very excited to announce that they will start Pre-sale for Land from Feb 13th! The Land is a like Country in Crypto (MCH’s) world. Owner of Land, called “lord” and the member of the Land, called “Citizen” or “Knight” will support each other and earn a profit. The Land will play a very important role in the ecosystem of MCH.

In this article, you will see details of Land.

1. Sort of Land
2. Land sector
3.Land Profit
4. Land member
5.Function of Land

(postscript Feb.17th)

①Add contents about “Replica Hero
②About Land Profit
30% of Sale of Replica hero will be accumulated to Land profit as well.
— Not only Knight and Cryptid, new position “Maestro” has right to receive Land Profit. Maestro will be chosen by King and play important role.
③About New King role
— Choose “Maestro
④About “Cryptid”
— GUM, replica hero, and EMA(original extension) can be dedicated to Cryptid as sacrifice

(Postscript Feb.12th)

requirement for becoming King
To be a King, you need to belong to the Land.(You can purchase ownership for multi Lands, but you can choose only 1 Land to belong to) So you can’t become King for multiple Lands.

Definition of Land member and Land owner
Land member= Land owner + Citizen+Knight
Land owner= Lords+King

1.Sort of Land

・There are 9 Lands. 4 of them will be available at Pre-sale, and rest of 5 Lands will be purchasable at Crowd-sale.
・Each Land has own theme color. Each land is expected to have own UI.
・There is no functional differences between lands
・Unique extension for each node is set already at the sale.

2.Land sector

Each land will be divided into some units, called “Land sector”.

・Land sector is ERC 721 token(NFT). Owner has ownership for each sector.

・Owner can edit both of each land sector name and “sector flag”

・There are 5 rarities for the Land sector, Legendary/Epic/Rare/Uncommon/Common. And the size(called “Volume”) of land sector will be different depending on the rarity.

Whole Land has up to 1000 volume. Proportion of each rarity will be different from each Land.

3.Land Profit(GUM)

As a Land Profit, these GUM will be accumulated to the land ;

— 50% amount of Trade transaction fee for the original extension which was dropped from Land node.
— 50% amount of commission fee for selling replica extensions which was dropped from Land node.
— 50% amount of GUM paid for recovering hero stamina by Citizens, Knights and Kings
— 100% amount of GUM paid for continuing the land node by Land member
30% of Sale of Replica hero

Land Profit will be distributed to Knights, Cryptid and Maestro. Ratio will be determined by “King”(mentioned following)

King can also set the ratio of ‘Carry Forward’ (carry over to the next season) (Mar.6th updated)

Distribution timing of land revenue is as follows.

Each member of the Knight
— Land battle “Preparation period” (granted according to the last land battle point)

Maestro, Cryptid
— Grouping period of “Flag Battle” and “Knight Battle (1/2/3/4/5/G5)”

4.Land member

Owner of Land sector(”Lord” , “King”)

・Player has ownership of Land sector is called “Lord” .

Lord Rewards:30% of ETH paid by the “Citizens” and “Knight” will distributed to the land, and that will be distributed Lords. The distribution ratio will be changed depending on the volume of ownership in the land. (note that Land consists of some Land sector!!)

Example)Assume that there are 3 lords in a Land ,A・B・C

And the proportion of each Lord’s ownership is
And sum of ETH sale in the Land:100ETH

Land profit of ETH=100✖️30%=30ETH

Revenue share of A=30 ETH✖️20%(A’s volume ratio) =6ETH
Revenue share of B=30 ETH✖️30%(B’s volume ratio) =9ETH
Revenue share of C=30 ETH✖️50%(C’s volume ratio) =15ETH

・Top 3 owners among lords who has more than 10% of total volume will be called as “King”, and King can use following function;

— Setting the distribution ratio of “Land Profit”
—Editing the Land-flag.
—Managing the community inside of Land.
— Negotiating with “Knight”
— Choosing Maestro


Citizen /Knight

・Player can choose which Land they belong to. The player who belongs a land will be called as Citizen.

・At the beginning, player is “nonpartisan”. They can join the event related to the Land after they choose one of land and become a “Citizen”.

・Citizen and Knight need to stay in the same Land during the “lock-up” period (expected to be 4 weeks)

・Citizens will be ranked according to the result of Knight battle, and high ranker will acquire “Knight” title.

・Only Knight can participate in “Flag battle”.

・Transfer fee has been set for each knight considering of the result for flag battle. So the Lord and Knight can refer to that when they negotiate with.

5.Function of Land

Land node

・Each land has own unique node which is only available for Land member

Land extension

・Unique Extension will be dropped from each Land node.

Some competitions such as Knight battle, G5, Flag battle will be held. See this article to check that

Land’s Flag

・That is the flag for each Land. You will see that often when you play the event related to Land.

・King( top of the lord) can edit the design. (Flag image size : 128×64 pix)

・According to the Flag battle, ownership of Flag can be moved to other Land. In that case, the flag which was supposed to be yours would be edited through artedit.


・”Cryptid” is a like guardian angel of the Land.

— — — —

My Crypto Heroes

website : https://www.mycryptoheroes.net/
discord : https://discord.gg/C66hByB
twitter(JP) : @mycryptoheroes
twitter(EN) : @mycryptoheroes_

My Crypto Heroes|マイクリプトヒーローズ(マイクリ)

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