[system]Land battle (Mar.22th updated)

(Mar.22nd updated)
- Added a link to another article, “Flag Battle”.
- Added the G5 selection rules to “Knight Battle-G5”.

Hi all, in this article I will explain about “Land battle” that you can try after you belong to land.


“Land battle” includes these competitions

Knight battle 
This match will determine the “class” among players who belong to the same Land.

Knight battle-G5
This competition will determine representatives(among Knights)of each Land for Flag battle .

Flag battle
5 representatives of each Land will fight to win the Land flag.

Play cycle

  • Land play cycle is 4 weeks(28 days)=1season.
  • First 7 days is “Preparatory period” .
  • During next 15 days, “Knight battle” will be held 5 times. Each Knight battle takes 3 days. And title will be determined according to the result.
  • After that, “Knight battle -G5” will be held for 3 days, and 5 representatives for Flag battle(called “G5”) will be chosen from Knights.
  • In Last 3 days, “Flag battle” will be hosted and Each Land team battles to win “Land Flag”

Preparatory period

The following can be done.

(1)Transfer to another Land

You can move to another Land once only during the preparatory period. (Changes to “independent” are also included.)

But note that you can’t to change you belongs until the next preparatory period.

(2)Entry the Knight battle

Participation in Knight battle can only be made from “Preparation Period” until “Knight battle 4”.

You can only participate in Knight battle during the period from “Preparation Period” to the end of “Knight battle 4”.

When you entry the Knight battle before the terms finished, you can participate in it from next term.

Knight battle

  • ”Knight battle” is a competition to determine the title for each player, it will be held for 3 days/competition ×5 times.
  • Each Knight battle consists of 3 days. Schedule is as followed.
  • Each day 1/2/3 will start from 00:00 UTC. You need to set the exclusive team for Knight battle (like weekly cup), and note that CE of heroes and extensions you add into the team for Knight battle will not be accumulated
    (Mar.11th updated : Only “Novice hero” was excluded from this rule)

  • There are 4 classes, and each class has capacity.
  • Knight battle is a round robin game by same class players(up to 12 players) which is held for 3 days. And during the period you can attack with other players and your ranking will be determined according to the point you get through the battles.
  • Only top player will be promoted(except “Knight” class), and 10~12th place players will be relegated(except “Lieutenant” class).
    ※In the beginning 1~3rd place are expected to be promoted
  • For the 1st player among knights will get 3 points, and 2nd, 3rd player will get 2, and 1 point(s) respectively.

(updated on Mar.9th)

  • If the number of people in the upper class is less than the capacity limit, the width of promotion / demotion ranking is adjusted so that it compensates for it.
    Calculations are as follows.
Promotion Rank=[Number of vacancies in the lower class] / [Number of groups in the same class]
*1st place must be promoted
* The remainder of the division is rounded down
Demotion Rank=12−(( [Number of groups in the downer class]−1) / [Number of groups in the same class])
*The remainder of the division is rounded down
  • Promotion rank and Demotion rank is determined at the completion of DAY1 “grouping” period.
  • Please refer to the following articles for the rules of the ranking of the Knight battle. (Mar.12th updated)

Knight battle -G5

  • This match will determine 5 representatives of Land, called “G5". This will be held for 3 days.
  • Up to 24 Knights (12 Knights ×2 league) will participate in this competition. Like Knight battle, this is a round robin game by 12 players.
  • 1st player gets 12 points, 2nd player gets 11 points… and 12th player gets 1 point respectively.
  • Among the participants in “Knight Battle-G5”, the top 5 achievement points earned in all knight battles (1/2/3/4/5 G5) will be “G5”. (Updated on Mer.22nd)

Flag battle

  • The explanation of the flag game is summarized in the following article. (Updated on Mar.22nd)

Achievement points

  • “Achievement points” will be awarded with the following rules.
Knight Battle (1/2/3/4/5)
For the 1st player among knights will get 3 points, and 2nd, 3rd player will get 2, and 1 point(s) respectively.
Knight Battle-G5 
1st player gets 12 points, 2nd player gets 11 points… and 12th player gets 1 point respectively.
Flag Battle
Representatives will get 2 points every time they defeat enemy team.
  • Part of the land revenue will be distributed to each knight according to the number of earned achievement points.
  • Distribution will be done at the beginning of the “preparation period” next season of land battle.

Regulation of Land Battle

(* Mar.6th add)

The Land Battle has the following “Regulation”. We plan to hold applicable regulations for each season.(Regulation contents may be changed)

Knight of Gold

— No limit

Knight of Silver

— Team hero total level: within 250

Knight of Chrome

— Team extension total level: Within 500


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