[system]Land Grand-open (Mar.12th updated)

(Mar.12th updated)
・ About the replica hero, we summarized the description in another article “Replica Hero”.

Hi all,

In this article I will explain about details of Land Grand-open, which will start from March 4th.

Opening Date

March 4th(Mon) 7:00~ UTC

Official opening

All of 9 Land including 5 Crowd-sale ones[LAND : GRAPHITE][LAND : GRAPE][LAND : SAGE][LAND : BLUEBERRY][LAND : RUBY])will be officially opened. And following function will be available from the opening.

  • Belonging to a Land
  • Land node
  • Privileges for King
  • “Land Lab”
  • Land battle
  • Cryptid
  • Replica heroes
  • Others

Belonging to a Land

From 3/4 you can choose any land to belong to. In case you belonged to a land during the trial period, however initially your nationality will be automatically set with that Land, you can move to another Land once only during the preparatory period. But note that you can’t to change you belongs until the next preparatory period.

Land Node

  • All of Land Nodes will be available. You can see extensions for Crowd-sale Land here,

Privileges for King

King can use following function as special privileges,


  • Artedit for Land Flag
  • Set the second name for Land

[Only during the preparatory period]

  • Appoint “Maestro” up to 3 players
  • Setting the distribution rate for GUM (land profit)

Land Lab

Exchange rate will be calculated for each Land. Your rate will be for the land you belong to. “Zentrale” rate will be applied for someone who are not member of any of land. So there are 10 rates (9 Lands + Zentrale) for Lab, but note that you can only use the rate of your Land.

Due to the new system of the Land Lab, referral reward will be changed as followed;

Every time player come through your invite code or url pay ETH to purchase gum, 20% equivalent amount of GUM will be distributed to you.
Every time player come through your invite code or url pay ETH to purchase gum, 10% equivalent amount of GUM will be distributed to you and 10% of it will be accumulated to the Land lab you belong to.

(updated on 3/4)

・As its written above 10% of GUM will be sent to the Lab which you belong to, but precisely to say the GUM will be automatically used to purchase CE with the GUM, and the CE will be burned.

  • Previously purchaser of CE bore 10% of commisson fee, but from the new system the fee will be covered by users who sell CE. (considering Land profit system)

Land battle

To be clear, roadmap of 1st season is as followed;

【Preparatory period】3/4 7:00 〜 3/11 2:00 (UTC)
【Knight battle 1】3/11 2:00 〜 3/14 2:00 (UTC)
【Knight battle 2】3/14 2:00 〜 3/17 2:00 (UTC)
【Knight battle 3】3/17 2:00 〜 3/20 2:00 (UTC)
【Knight battle 4】3/20 2:00 〜 3/23 2:00 (UTC)
【Knight battle 5】3/23 2:00 〜 3/26 2:00 (UTC)
【Knight battle-G5】3/26 2:00 〜 3/29 2:00 (UTC)
【Knight battle戦】3/29 2:00 〜 3/31 2:00 (UTC)
(The next preparatory period will start from 3/31 2:00)

When you entry the Knight battle before the terms finished, you can participate in it from next term.

  • Each Knight battle consists of 3 days. Schedule will be as followed.
  • Each day 1/2/3 will start from 00:00 UTC. You need to set the exclusive team for Knight battle (like weekly cup), and note that CE of heroes and extensions you add into the team for Knight battle will not be accumulated. Please refer to following article.


Cryptid is a like guardian angel for each Land. When you dedicate following sacrifices as “NIE” , strengthen whole land members at the flag battle/each quest/Raid battle. This function will be available from 3/6 7:00 UTC

Replica Heroes

  • Replica heroes will be sold from the beginning of the 1st Knight battle (3/11 00:00 UTC)

Another functions

Ownership of Land sector

  • Ownership of land sectors will be distributed to the owner at the opening. To send land sectors to Ethereum Network, following steps are needed,
(1)Setting the nickname
  • We will start the sending process after we confirmed those two points are met. It would take time to check that.

How to receive lord reward?

①Lord reward(ETH) will be automatically sent to land sector owners(=Lord).

②Lords can withdraw their reward whenever they like at the dedicated menu.