[System]Limited intermediate Node, “Bandit”

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In this article, you can see details about intermediate node, Bandit!

What Intermediate node is

That is the node which is recommended to play with more than Lv 40 heroes. Unusual kinds of enemies(which is stronger than normal one)will attack your heroes!

You would need to organize and change the team depending on the enemy.

In this node you have a chance to get extensions exclusively for this node, and this node is expected to be opened later as well as troy.


Period:1/7 7:00 〜 1/14 5:59 UTC


  • Lv40
    Consumption of stamina:60
  • Lv60
    Consumption of stamina:75
  • Lv80
    Consumption of stamina:90

Original extension

In this time “Axe” series extensions will drop and these will increase PHY significantly. Besides, higher rarity one has the additional ability which decreases enemy’s INT according to own PHY value.

Maximum issue:4800
Initial MYZO:100

Elite Axe
Maximum Issue:1000
Initial MYZO:100

Brave Axe
Maximum issue:500
Initial MYZO:50

Tecumseh’s Tomahawk
Maximum issue:100
Initial MYZO:10

Viking Axe
Maximum issue:20
Initial MYZO:2

*Same types of replica extensions will drop as well.

*The number of issuing is limited to “Maximum issue”

*When the next time the node open, the MYZO will the same as the previous MYZO


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