[system] Trade & Shop

Hi MCH miner, 1.Shop and 2.Trade functions will be set from 12/11th. With those functions, you will be able to do these things; Purchasing heroes, buying GUM, Trading heroes and extensions with other players.


・Heroes sale

You can purchase Heroes with GUM. We apply stock-linked type Dutch Auction system to normal sale, as well as pre/crowd sale. So price will be changed.

・ GUM sale

You can buy GUM with ETH. Options are as followed;
50,000 GUM:5ETH
10,000 GUM:1ETH
5,000 GUM:0.5ETH
1,000 GUM:0.1ETH

*Note: It would take 2 minutes to be added on the area showing the amount of GUM you have because of Ethereum network

First normal sale line-up

Three Heroes which include 1 Epic, 1 Rare, and 1 Uncommon respectively will be available to purchase at shop with GUM. Please be careful that sale period is different from heroes.

Name; Yang Guifei
Rarity; Epic
Amount; 100
Initial price; 2000GUM
Period ; 
12/11 9:00~12/18 5:59(UTC)

Passive skill; Imperial consort
When this hero has activated active skill / at 30% chance / decrease INT of whole allies and enemies by 5% of this hero’s INT

Name;Keiji Maeda
Rarity; Rare
Initial price; 500GUM
Period ;
12/11 9:00~12/18 5:59(UTC)

Passive skill; Kabuki-mono
When this hero has activated active skill / at 50% chance / decrease forefront enemy’s INT by 10% of this hero’s INT and increase forefront enemy’s PHY by 10% of INT

Initial price; 300GUM
Period ;
12/11 9:00~1/1 5:59(UTC)

Passive skill; Eureka!Eureka!
When this hero has activated active skill / at 50% chance / increase 10% of own INT/ and inflict confusion effect to own


You can sell and buy Heroes(except Novice Hero) and original extensions at the auction. GUM will be used for the auction. Trading will be established immediately when the bid and ask price are matched.

・Overview of how to sell

When you sell both of Heroes and extensions, you need to set two prices. Initial Price and End price. Initial price will decrease to End price while its exhibited. So in case you are unwilling to do that, you can set End price same as Initial price. When the hero/extension is started to sell, 10 % of Initial price will be added to the price as a commission fee.

Note; The item (heroes or extensions) must be unequipped to sell. Likewise, heroes/extensions can’t be withdrawn while its exhibited within 5 days or unless you cancel it .


It’s going to be exhibited for five days. In case 5 days have passed from you ship, or cancel it, its going to be automatically back to your inventory.

・Logic of changing price

Price dropping rate will be calculated automatically. It will be set to decrease by 1/5 of gap between initial price and End price. So in 5 days, the price will reach to End price.

・When the deal is closed

the amount you receive will be sell price subtracted commission fee (Since sell price include commission fee as I mentioned above.). GUM is the only available currency to trade, can’t use ETH here.

Shop and Trade are a bit complicated, so please read it carefully. You can ask about it at discord.


My Crypto Heroes

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